Here’s How to Watch the Mayweather Vs Nakusawa Fight Live from Anywhere


It is less than a week to the match between Mayweather and Nakusawa. This one is going to be a solid contest that almost everyone would like to watch for many reasons than one.

For one, this is a game that the Money Man himself is expected to be in, so that should pull a lot of crowds.

Stepping out of the boxing realm to accept the challenge of MMA fighter Connor McGregor last year though, he is back for more. He is now going head to head against Japanese MMA fighter Nakusawa.

This is one of those fights you never want to be told about.

When is the fight happening?

The promoters of the fight will want to end this year with a bang – or a couple of bangs, as the game may play out – so it’s set to hold on New Year’s Eve. Although the exact time for the game is yet to be decided, it is sure that this game will be played out on Japanese soil.

As it stands, this is the only viable option. Even though the US might have proffered better coverage and audience reach, the purpose of the fight is to promote the Japanese RIZIN MMA. Knowing that the choice doesn’t look so odd anymore.

How do the fighters compare?

Mayweather has a reputation, and you can always put your money on that. This reputation is backed by numbers which have seen him win 50 of his last 50 competitive matches, recording neither a draw nor loss in anyone.

Such is his proficiency in the ring that he never leaves without being declared the winner. Having also experienced battling an MMA fighter in the past, this will not be new terrain to him.

On the other side of the ring will be a much younger Tenshin Nakusawa. His age does not stand in the way of success though.

Having faced 27 MMA battles till date himself, he has emerged victorious in all of those. He even has a better KO ratio to Mayweather, bagging 20 in 27 as opposed to the Money Man’s record of 27 in 50.

How will the rules stand?

Given the wide gulf between the rules employed over at the MMA and that used in boxing, there is the need for the establishment of a new set of rules if this fight is to take place at all.

Much like what happened in the game against McGregor though, Nakusawa won’t be allowed to deploy his powerful kicks which have become somewhat of a status symbol for him. Of course, Mayweather would love that since he would just be competing against an opponent who wasn’t as familiar with the home turf, so to speak.

Besides that, the rules also stipulate that:

  • The fight lasts for a maximum of three rounds, each of which would have three minutes
  • Both boxers keep their weight at or below the 147 lbs. scale
  • Both boxers only wear the standard issue 8-ounce RIZIN
  • Only boxing rules will be applied

There is a slight twist though. Since there won’t be ringside judges at the show, neither a winner nor vanquished will emerge at the end of the game. At the same time, none of the fighters will have the fight impact their records after the day.

As it stands, this will be a strictly promotional game.

Watching the games

Going ringside in the Saitama Arena of Japan will be the ideal chance for those that want to see all those punches land right before their eyes. If you can’t afford such a luxury, you can stream from your homes too.

Should those homes be in the US or UK, you should be prepared to have blackouts. Yes – the fight won’t be broadcasted in the select markets.

That should not stop you though. You should, rather, watch Mayweather vs Nasukawa online by:

  • Getting a VPN
  • Connecting to a server location in Japan (if you’ll be streaming via Fuji TV) or the US (if you’d like to get the fight on Fite)
  • Signing up to your preferred platform
  • Enjoying the fight on the day its happening.

Note that Fite is the only option that brings you the fight in the English language. It is also a paid option that might require you to have a US-issued credit card to purchase the fight. On the other side of the table, you can use the trial streaming package from Fuji TV to get the fight for free.

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