Get the Best Criminal Attorney in Chicago to Defend Your Interests


Chicago sits on Lake Michigan in the state of Illinois. It is the third most densely populated city in the United States. The Windy City is known for its robust economy, partly evident in the stunning buildings that line the sky, such as the iconic Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower), John Hancock Center, and Tribune Tower. Apart from the diverse residents, you will find a lot of tourists visiting this bustling town. With this many people crammed into a tiny city, one thing you cannot avoid is possibly offending someone. In an increasingly litigious American society, you must be prepared to fight should you be sued and slapped with erroneous criminal charges.

If you ever face this kind of perilous obstacle, the first order on your agenda must be finding the best Chicago criminal attorney to represent you in court. You may find many law firms in the area, but remember, they are not created equal. The key to a successful case lies in collaborating with the right firm. With an experienced lawyer at the helm, you have a fighting chance to defend yourself against wrongful charges. Hence, you must look for a reputable law firm that will thoroughly fight for your rights and help you seek the justice you deserve. Though the process may seem tedious, it is a crucial decision that you cannot take lightly. Take a look at these elements when vetting the best criminal lawyer to help with your defense:

Choose a Responsive Firm

Facing criminal charges equates to stressful, sleepless nights. Time is a crucial component when dealing with your problems. Hence, you need a responsive attorney who works with a sense of urgency. Upon the first contact, you want an immediate response, with the legal team ready to set up the initial meeting the next day. If they don’t answer emails or phone queries ASAP, stay away. Delayed responses don’t bode well, as they may also end up delaying your defense.

Verify the Area of Specialization

Lawyers also have areas of specialties. For example, some are into commercial law, real estate, or estate planning. When it comes to something as stressful and sensitive as a criminal case, you must pick an experienced team specializing in criminal defense. If they are adept at handling these cases, they can address your problems effectively. A Chicago criminal attorney is regularly involved in proceedings, possesses a wealth of experience, and holds the knowledge to defend you. Hence, your attorney can easily explain the charges you face, along with prospective penalties. Since this expert has a strong command of the laws, they can ask the right questions that help build a strong defense.

Conduct Extra Research

Ideally, it is always best to work with a word-of-mouth referral from someone in your network. Since you trust the person providing the recommendation, you feel more at ease. However, whether or not you work with a referral, you must always make it a habit to do your own research. Take advantage of the internet and conduct your background search. Check the bar association to ascertain if the lawyer you are looking to hire is in good standing. It should indicate there if the attorney has had a formal complaint or discipline filed on record. You can also look at online reviews, ratings, and testimonials to see what other clients say about the law firm.

Ask About the Fees

Finally, you must work with a lawyer who provides a clear fee structure. You don’t want to feel overwhelmed or confused when you see the invoice. Keep in mind; a reputable attorney will always explain how they bill. They are upfront and honest about their varying services. However, take note that the cheapest lawyer is not necessarily the best, either. It would help to inquire about specific services you may need to give you a ballpark figure. Ask lots of questions because you are hiring this person to protect your interest, so you need someone you feel comfortable with.

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