ISAPS Gives Warning about Overseas Plastic Surgeons


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Anytime a person wants to have a cosmetic procedure performed, whether it is surgical or not, it is imperative to use a doctor who a doctoral degree and has been licensed in that field of cosmetics. Additionally, this doctor needs to have much experience. The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) has announced it is particularly worrisome for people who travel outside of the country to receive cosmetic surgery for a less expensive price. Many of these practitioners performing the procedures are not licensed, and they lack skills.

There have been several deaths recently related to women traveling to other countries and undergoing the knife at a reduced cost, and it is being discovered that most of these procedures are being performed by non-certified surgeons. ISAPS would like to see a change in legislation take place so that thesekinds of practices can be eliminated.

When a person chooses to have cosmetic surgery, it’s important to understand the risks. And being that standards vary according to the country that the procedure is being performed in, there are greater risks being endured depending on where the person chooses a doctor. No matter the location, it is imperative that a patient make sure his or her doctor is board-certified. And it’s crucial to understand that just because a doctor has a medical degree, this doesn’t mean he or she is certified by the Board.

In the United States, it is very simple to see whether a surgeon is board-certified. By using the Certification Matters website, a patient can register for free and enter the doctor’s name in a search box. The patient will then be provided information on the doctor, including whether the surgeon is board-certified.

If the doctor is in another country, a patient will have to ask by which the doctor is certified. The patient would then need to contact that board and make sure the surgeon really is certified.

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If you’ve been wondering whether it’s best to get a degree online, you can rest assured that it is, especially when you get one from a school located in the US. Now is the time to take your dreams to the next level, and it starts with an online doctoral degree.

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