3 Keys to a Great School Reunion


Do you have designs on planning and/or going to a high school or college reunion anytime soon?

If you said yes, getting as many of your classmates together as can be both a fun and tiring experience.

That said what steps should you take if you end up in charge or one of the folks in charge of planning the festivities?

Going Online is a Good Starting Point

When it is time to work on planning a high school or college reunion, here are three keys to think on:

1. Deploy the Internet –

When going about searching to find someone, the web can and should be a major focus. With that in mind, use it to see if you can track down classmates who’ve not stayed updated with their contact info. While some classmates die over time, others choose not to stay in touch with those they went to school with. This can be for one cause or another. So, you may well have to do some detective work to find some or many of these individuals to invite them. By entering their full name and any recent contact info you had of them in a web search, you may be able to find them. Having as many classmates and even surviving teachers at a reunion can make for a lot of fun and great memories.

2. Be flexible in scheduling –

You likely have folks coming to a school reunion from all over the country. There may even be some out of the country; flexibility is going to be key. With so many people spread out, it is important they have a chance to get back for a reunion without a lot of challenges. So, take the time to think about a possible few dates. You can put the dates to a vote if needed. It is not uncommon for school reunions to take place in the fall, sometimes close to the holidays. Depending on where the reunion may be held, winter weather could be a factor. That is one reason why having it in the spring; summer or early fall may work better. Also, think about several possible venues. This will allow you and others involved in planning to have some alternate plans. That is if the first choice does not work out.

3. Open the door to tastes –

Finally, it is safe to say you will have your share of diverse people attending a reunion. As a result, it is important to take into account that diversity. This means you come up with a menu to address different tastes in food. It also means thinking about the entertainment that is likely to be provided. If you have the ability to do so, come up with pictures and even some videos of when students were in school. This can be in class, playing sports, doing other extracurricular activities, and so on. Making the reunion as entertaining as possible will likely make it a real hit with all involved.

When people are missing in your life, getting together for a reunion can be quite a lot of fun.

That said one involving people you shared classes with and more can be quite a trip down memory lane.

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