What Are the Different Types of Engineers?


Are you looking to find a new career? Are you a college student who wants to know what to major in? Consider becoming an engineer.

Not sure what type of engineer you wish to be? If you want to learn about the different types of engineers read this guide. You’ll read about some of the best engineering careers.

Civil Engineer

Civil engineers build city infrastructure. They’re responsible for developing and building roads, bridges, and buildings. Civil engineers direct construction teams as they work on public works projects.

To become a civil engineer, you need to earn a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. There is a demand for civil engineers as the country’s infrastructure keeps aging. The median annual salary for this profession is $87,060.

Electrical Engineer

An electrical engineer’s job focuses on designing and developing electrical systems. Electrical engineers can work on devices and objects that produce electricity. These can range from an object as small as a computer to an object as large as a satellite.

You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering if you desire to work in this field. The median annual salary of an electrical engineer is $98,530.

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers are responsible for designing and manufacturing physical products. They can work with different devices and machines — from printers to car parts, you name it.

Mechanical engineers run simulations and test products. They do this to ensure their products become a reality. A bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering is a must, but a graduate degree is preferred for those who want to focus on research.

Employment for this area of engineering will grow by 4% in the coming decade. The median annual salary for a mechanical engineer is $88,430.

Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineering is a discipline that combines knowledge from other fields. If you like chemistry, math, and physics, this is one of the best engineering jobs out there.

Chemical engineers apply their knowledge to develop processes for chemical components. The chemical components are useful for the processing of foods and pharmaceuticals.

If you want to work as a chemical engineer you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. Compared to the median annual salary of the other engineering careers on this list, chemical engineers make more money. Their median annual salary is $108,770.

Environmental Engineer

Environmental engineers aim to solve environmental problems. They can focus on finding ways to dispose of toxic waste or cleaning bodies of water.

To become an environmental engineer, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree. Their annual median salary is $88,860.

Keep in mind that all engineers must continue to engage in lifelong learning. It’s a must as there’s a need to improve one’s skills. Do remember to keep an eye out for continuing education courses for engineers if you plan to become an engineer.

The Different Types of Engineers

There are several career paths you can take if you’re thinking of becoming an engineer. This list outlines the different types of engineers and their duties.

These kinds of engineers have some of the highest engineer salaries. It makes them some of the most in-demand engineering jobs.

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