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The Importance Of Replacing A Missing Tooth


It is surprisingly easy to lose a tooth, it might be a sporting collision, a road traffic accident or even a simple fall that could cause you to lose a tooth, and should that happen, it is very important to have the tooth replaced as soon as possible. Of course, if you lost one of your front teeth, this would be something you would want to fix as soon as you can, but if the tooth was not visible, you might think it doesn’t matter, but you would be very wrong. Here are a few of the reasons you should replace a missing tooth as soon as possible.

Loosening Teeth –

If you lose a single tooth, the two teeth on either side suddenly have a gap and this will result in both the teeth loosening, as there is no longer support on one side. The ideal solution is a dental implant, as this will restore the balance, thus not allowing for free space that is the cause of loosening teeth.

Change The Shape Of Your Face –

Losing a tooth could result in a slight change in how your face looks, perhaps creating a sunken hollow that will certainly make you look older than you really are. If you have lost a tooth, there is cosmetic dentistry near Chatswood from an established dental clinic that is child-friendly and family oriented, and once you have made an appointment, you can rest assured that suitable treatment will be forthcoming. You can also check out nearby dental clinics in your area if you live elsewhere.

Loss of Self-Esteem –

Losing a front tooth can really make a person lose their self-confidence, plus it can seriously impede your speech, which only adds to the anxiety, and in order to avoid this, you should make an appointment to see your local dentist in a timely manner. If your work involves communicating with others, then a missing tooth could make you very self-conscious and that could affect your performance, which is not good for anyone.

Temporomandibular Joints Disorder –

Known as TMJ disorder, this is when the muscles on the side of your head that help you to chew are affected, and losing a tooth could cause such a disorder. Of course, the best treatment is preventative, and by making an appointment to see your dentist, you can take steps to stop TMJ from occurring.

Bite Issues –

The losing of a tooth could cause bite issues, as the teeth find space that wasn’t previously there, which can easily cause your bite to lose its form. As we chew every time we eat, it doesn’t take long for such a thing to become apparent, and if not addressed, this could lead to further complications.

Treatments For Missing Teeth

The best possible treatment for a missing tooth is a dental implant, which involves inserting a titanium pin into the jawbone, which bonds well with the bone and tissue over a short period of a few weeks. Once this has occurred, the prosthetic tooth can then be fitted onto the pin, which leaves you with a perfectly good tooth that should last you a lifetime, and while dental implants are not cheap, they do offer a permanent solution to missing teeth.

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