How to Choose the Right Type of Promotional Pens for Branding Purposes


Most companies don’t hesitate to give a branded promotional pen. They believe it makes one of the best marketing tools that leave a lasting impression on customers. It is not just the looks that matter, though.

Customization makes all the difference when you personalize gifts. Besides the look and feel, the utility and function of a pen lie in how well it writes and how long it lasts. Brands like Custom Gear offer you ample varieties to make a proper selection.

The Types Available in the Market

Before going any further, you need to know about the mind-boggling range of pens available in the market. Besides the expensive pens that cost several hundred dollars, you have options that cost under a dollar but write equally well. However, is it enough to give a water-based gel pen as a promotional gift? It writes well with free-flowing ink that comes in several shades of blue and other colors.

Then there is the ubiquitous ballpoint pen, which is probably the most-used writing instrument to date. The rolling action that dispenses the ink is smooth, and the oil-based ink may make a rather dark impression. It even has its own distinctly unmistakable smell. However, do all these qualify a ballpoint to be a suitable promotional tool for your brand to rely on?

The Other Alternatives

Several other alternatives include the felt-tip pen with a thick stroke. It is more like a marker used to write on a board or a packing case. You also have the rollerball pen that is somewhat similar to a ballpoint pen, though the essential difference is that a rollerball pen uses water-based ink instead of the oil-based ink the ballpoint uses. You have transparent plastic bodies and colored plastic bodies of every imaginable hue.

The Pens that Matter

While considering a pen from Custom Gear as a promotional tool, you must give sufficient thought to the sleekness, the material it is made of, and the overall effect on the potential user. Metal has a unique charm, and custom-printed metal-bodied pens with a sleek look, offering a smooth writing pleasure should make a perfect promotional tool for a company wanting to promote its brand image.

These pens are packaged in smart presentation cases; these fantastic writing instruments come in pairs (ballpoint & rollerball pen) and make the perfect corporate choice as promotional tools. Some pens come with elegant keychains and others with a built-in light that comes in handy during a sudden power outage. Thoughtful pen ideas for discerning customers make them stand out and beat the competition.

Despite the leaps and bounds in technology today, and the numerous apps for every conceivable thing, the written word has its charm. People love to write notes, and they want a fancy pen for that. Choosing the right type of promotional pen to carry your brand image can be somewhat challenging. However, there are some excellent options that are worth checking out.

Summing it Up

Pens hold a unique charm, and people are stunned by elegant looking sleek, shiny metal-bodied pens that write smoothly. Pens as promotional tools are one of the best ideas yet.

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