How to Become a Health Insurance Agent


Reports show that there are 32.8 million people under the age of 65 that are uninsured.

What does this mean? How do more people get health insurance who need it? Who can help those people get health insurance?

Health insurance agents serve as the bridge between the uninsured and the healthcare options. They hold the important job of know what coverages and plans to discuss with each person.

Keep reading to learn more about how to get your health insurance license and become a health insurance agent.


Experience is important in any position, but this is especially true when you want to become a health insurance agent. Dealing with a personal investment, like insurance, requires exceptional levels of customer service.

Having prior experience in a customer-facing position can be extremely beneficial when your new role will be helping people find the proper fit for healthcare. Practicing patience can help the calls remain calm even when the stakes for health care or lack of healthcare are high. Listening with the purpose to understand the customer’s needs and help them find a solution will set you apart.

Get Your Health Insurance License

Health insurance can be a confusing industry to work in. There are many different policies, qualifications, requirements, and all of these areas are constantly changing each year.

Studying will be key as there are many complexities that each agent needs to know, and taking the test unprepared will not put you in a position to succeed.

Getting your health insurance license is a requirement to become an agent. You will need to pass the exam in order to obtain your license moving forward.

You will also likely need an AHIP certification as well if you will be working with senior clients. This certification will need to be renewed each year but is needed when you are selling Medicare plans. This certification can also make you more marketable to potential employers since not everyone gets the certification and can help in this area.

Get Hired

Once you have the proper license and certification, the next step is to get hired as a health insurance agent. At this point, your experience and certification should prepare you properly for the role. Finding the right fit for a company that you want to work for is next.

Some companies will require additional job training once you start before you interact with customers. They do this so that everyone is on the same page in their approach and knows the steps that they need to take in order to properly accommodate customers. Keeping your focus on the best fit for the customer is a good place to start.

Get Started Today

Now that you have read about how to get your health insurance license and become a health insurance agent, you can get started today. Become a part of the change in someone’s life by providing them assistance in obtaining health insurance.

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