Car Questions: How Much Will I Get for My Car at a Junkyard?


Did you know that you can receive up to $500 for selling your car at a junkyard? So you can finally clear out some space and sell your old car for some cash.

However, based on your car’s make, model, and condition, you could be entitled to a higher compensation! So keep reading to learn about your total car worth!

How Does a Junkyard Work?

A Pick a part junkyard will buy cars and sell them for parts or restore them and resale the vehicle as a whole. This form of selling is very environmentally friendly and helps to reduce waste due to overproduction.

Selling your car at a pull-a-part junkyard is pretty straightforward. For starters, an appraiser will look at the vehicle to determine its worth. Even if your car is unusable, a junkyard’s job is to try and fix the vehicle for resale.

Therefore, the final price will be determined by the total cost of repairs and not the vehicle’s current market value.

However, there are instances where your car is past the point of repair. The appraiser will begin looking at individual parts like the engine, body, and battery in these cases.

How Is the Price Determined?

For starters, your state and city will be a significant contributing factor to your final price. For example, a junkyard located in a major city with a higher living wage may value your car.

Also, the location of the junkyard itself will factor in as well. For example, if the junkyard is near other junkyards’ yards, they might offer competitive prices.

Overall, when you’re searching for “pull a part junkyard near me,” try to pay close attention to the location and city.

Does the Condition and Make of My Car Matter?

As stated above, the make and model of your vehicle will also factor in. If your car parts are in high demand, like, for example, a Ford, the price will increase. The condition is also an essential factor to consider. If your car still has a good interior and exterior, you will receive more cash.

Unfortunately, the price is greatly diminished with badly damaged exteriors like chipped paint, sun damage, and car accident damages. If you still have some questions, here is more about cash for cars and the process!

How to Prepare My Car for Sale

When selling your car, try and get the highest amount possible. Therefore, before going to the junkyard, clean your vehicle of any stains, dirt, and grime.

Once you transfer over the lease, any forgotten items now belong to the junkyard. Therefore, when you’re cleaning the car, make sure you check every crevice for personal belongings.

Get Cash Today

Selling your car to a junkyard is an excellent option if you’re looking for some extra cash! So don’t wait any longer and head to your local junkyard.

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