Laser Bird Scaring Innovations


Techniques for humane bird control are constantly evolving, from materials to applications to schedules, utilizing species knowledge and legal factors. Ensure that you speak to a leading specialist like Apex Environmental Services when birds become a nuisance or a hazard to your business.

Since time began, farmers have had to be clever about bird-proofing their plots and from netting to mesh to bird scarers, professionals have the solutions to preserve crops.

One of the most effective newer additions to the range of bird proofing measures is laser bird scaring. Pioneered by a Dutch firm, Bird Control Group, the Agrilaser Automatic technology has achieved great success, not only in crop applications but in aviation, vineyards and poultry farms, where the laser bird scaring devices help to keep wild birds with diseases away. In the Netherlands, the Agrilaser Automatic keeps geese off land and pastures for dairy cows.

Globally, there are around 6,000 users of the lasers and they reduce bird interference by between 70-99%.

How does it work?

The Agrilaser Autonomic replicates the impact of a predator so that the bird’s survival instincts are triggered, and they fly away from a perceived threat. Laser bird scaring does no harm to the problem birds.

It is installed near crops and utilizes colors, filters, and lenses to produce a green laser beam approximately 3 inches/7.6 centimeters in diameter.

Birds view the to and fro motion of the laser beam as a danger, as they would with an oncoming car’s headlights. Crops are protected the hi-tech way and with lasting results.

Chief Executive Officer of Bird Control Group, Steinar Henskes told Bloomberg that the Agrilaser Autonomic bird control device offers, “the ultimate laser beam to repel birds.” It took three years to create and by the autumn of 2017 over 100 US farms were utilizing their laser bird scaring innovations. This figure is expected to triple during 2018.

Results are positive

Whilst there are bird control skeptics, including Jim O’Connell, a senior agriculture resource educator at Cornell Cooperative Extension in Kingston, New York, the signs are positive overall. O’ Connell feels that as birds are persistent and intelligent they will often learn the difference between real threats and perceived ones.

Bird Control Group’s Agrilaser Autonomic is, say the manufacturers, advanced enough so that birds can’t get used to it or learn to outsmart the laser bird scaring apparatus.

Last autumn, Bloomberg reported that Amanda Vance, a faculty research assistant at Oregon State University, had used the bird proofing measure in conjunction with bio-acoustics, which projects bird distress calls, in blueberry research fields for a season. The field lost few berries.

Never handle bird proofing alone

Always seek expert assistance so that laws are adhered to and no harm occurs to the birds causing you anxiety or frustration. Apex Environmental Services bird control specialists respond quickly to calls and designate a project manager to oversee the bird proofing from survey to the installation of bird scaring apparatus, and any follow up work including guano clearance.

Contact their specialists to humanely and cost-effectively resolve your bird problem.

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