Is a Quick Payday Loan a Good Investment?


The answer to this quick depends on which end of the quick Payday loan you are investing in – buying Payday loan bundles currently is a type of investment that can be a fairly good way to make some extra money.

Buying Payday loans

This form of investment is considered by many to be an unconventional way to invest instead of financial securities, bonds or stocks. Companies that buy these debts, as well as other businesses that have extra money, consider buying Payday Loan debts for their discount pricing. There are debt collection companies that take over these debts and collect these Payday loan debts since they are small account balances which cost little to buy and are considered much easier for the borrower to pay off.

3rd party collection

These Payday loan debts are for sale usually as they are in serious delinquency and lenders have charged these accounts off for 3rd party collection. Even when these loans are considered poor quality, buying these payday loan debts and using special methods to get the loans repaid can be a profitable scheme because they have very high-interest rates. So if you are on this side of Payday loans, it is probably the same as being in the stock market.

Borrowers of these loans

On the other end of Payday loans is the borrower who needs quick cash for an emergency and payday is still several days away. These loans are agreed to be paid on the borrowers next payday. One problem is that these loans have very high-interest rates and if you miss a payment, more interest is added and the borrower agrees to pay off on the next payday. If a person lives payday to payday it can end up with the borrower paying off a new loan every payday. So in these cases, it is not really a very good investment. But for some people payday loans or cash advance money is a convenient way to get quick cash and are seen all over the internet.

Short term

Payday loans are very short term – usually only 2 weeks, and the borrowers next paycheck is the collateral. Borrowers need to provide a paycheck stub to show the lender what the borrower gets paid, where you work and where you live. Then the borrower in most cases must provide a post-dated check for the loan amount, internet and usually other fees. Most states have laws now that must be followed due to the fact that for borrowers this was a rip-off especially for the elderly or those who can’t work or those in the United States illegally.

Check bounces

If your post-dated check bounces, the trouble with these loans will begin. Fees will be added and the borrower will then start being harassed by bill collectors. If the check bounces, these loans can be in real trouble. The loan is still outstanding, and now bounced check fees from the bank and late fees from the Payday loan company are added, along with the hassle of collection calls that will make your life absolutely miserable and if this happens every month you could be paying an annual percentage rate of 390{cea9c169044c2b14a98ceffc8b31b53fccca1faefcfb14c5304a1fc862280967}!

As a borrower using Payday loans should only be used when every other avenue has been investigated and the lenders have good reviews.

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