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Three Ways to Perform Bicep Exercises


Biceps are the first thing that people flex when they show off their bodies. When we say biceps, the brachii is the primary muscle what we see bulging. Synergist to the brachii is another muscle called the brachialis. Many people see a big bicep as a representation of their masculinity and strength and a well-developed pair of biceps muscles can make your arms look more tone and more attractive to others. As a personal trainer who has taken OriGym gym instructing courses, being physically fit is an important part of the job and it is how we attract new clients since the clients see our effectiveness as their success as well. After all, a tone, muscular personal trainer obviously knows how to stay in shape and build a body to be proud of.

Here are three exercise techniques that can strengthen your biceps effectively:
Chin Ups

For many people, chin ups are a favorite exercise that works both the biceps and the lats. It is not only about enlarging the biceps but improving your overall strength as well. Follow these steps to improve your biceps:

  • Stand under the fixed pull-up bar.
  • Extend both arms overhead and grasp the bar in a supinated position, with palms that face toward the body.
  • Pull yourself up until the chest is at the same level of the bar. Make sure that you feel both shoulder blades are squeezed together
  • Slowly lower yourself down until both arms are extended fully.

Do as many repetitions as you can in one set and rest for five minutes between each set. Make sure that you have three sets in a session. Do this at least two or three times a week.

Barbell Curls

Barbell curls are often incorporated into workouts for people who want to get bigger biceps. Follow these steps to strengthen your biceps:

  • Stand up straight and hold a barbell firmly in your hands. Bend your knees slightly with palms facing you.
  • Keep both arms tucked in close to the side and raise the barbell up so your forearms are vertical. Don’t use your back for momentum.
  • Lower the barbell slowly until both arms are extended fully.
Preacher Curls

Preacher curls are focused on improving the biceps as well as placing greater stress on your forearms, compared to conventional curls. Follow these steps:

  • Sit on the preacher bench and adjust the seat so the backs of both arms are on the pad.
  • Grasp the barbell using a supinated grip.
  • Raise the bar until both forearms are vertical.
  • Lower both arms in a controlled manner, until fully extended.

After performing several sets of preacher curls over the course of a few months, you will start to see a significant difference in the strength of your bicep muscles.

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