The Importance Of Biology In School Curriculum


Biology is a natural science which is all about the environment, human life, plant cell, animals, its functions, evolutions and all other living organisms around us. The main view of studying biology is to know about ourselves, body parts, nature around us, etc. It is the most interesting subject which is all about life, its composition, development and about nature, environment, experiments, inventions and lot more.

Biology is a study of life and living organisms. To learn more about the living organisms and other importance of biology, we all should have a minimum knowledge about this subject. This subject has a great contribution to the existence of life on earth and hence it is taught in every school. There are many facts to prove the importance of biology, listed below are a few of them.

Biology explains in detail about the parts of the Human Body

With the knowledge of biology, we are able to know about the different metabolic activities occurring in our body. Along with these, the basic knowledge of the human anatomy, morphology, and physiology can be acquired by studying biology. With the introduction of this subject in the school syllabus, it has given rise to several scientists, doctors, and technicians who are involved in research and other investigations like examining the patient’s blood groups, mode of infections, and different medicines and cure for dreadful diseases.

Understanding Our Environment

We, humans, are not the only living beings, apart from us, there are millions of other living creatures from microorganism to huge mammals. Biology explains, how to differentiate the organisms based on their body structures, features, and other habitats. Along with this, this subject enables us to know more about the biotic and abiotic factors, their uses, how they interact and balance our environment.

Having proper Nutrition

Biology has provided us the complete knowledge about the different types of nutrition available, their sources and their benefits to our body. Nutrition is all about the carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, and proteins. Today we all are aware of how much quantity of fat is required for a healthy lifestyle and which food source has more proteins and vitamins.

Several diseases and the role of medicines

There are a number of diseases caused by microbes and other agents both in humans and in animals, such as malaria, dengue, rabies, plague, etc. and has killed many lives. Among which, AIDS, a deadly syndrome alone has taken more than 20 million lives. The study of biology has helped in discovering the main causes of the diseases, their transmission, treatments, along with different methods of preventions and eradication of diseases.

Biology is not only about the study of life and human body anatomy, it is a vast subject which includes a complete study of plants, animals, microorganisms, diseases, about the environment, etc. Apart from all these points, there is a lot more information to learn about biology. It has many branches including, Anatomy, botany, biotechnology, evolution, genetics, immunology, microbiology, zoology, etc.

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