Spa Pools Buying Guide: 7 Key Tips For the Best Pool


Spa pools are not only a thing of luxury, but they also bring a lot of joy to you and your family. Having a spa pool at your home to enjoy with your friends and family in all seasons is great for family time or entertaining guests. It also is helpful for yourself personally, providing rest and relaxation and relief for aching muscles. Whatever season it may be, owning a spa pool is beneficial in every possible sense. Sounds interesting? You can easily find spa pools in Auckland at affordable rates, but do you know how to buy one?

Buying a spa pool can be a confusing process. As there are so many options for size, styles, brands, and price; it might be daunting to find the ideal pool for your needs. So here are seven helpful tips to help you locate the best spa pool. Let’s take a look:

1. Location of the Spa Pool

When buying a spa pool it is important to first consider where it will be used. The location of your pool is the first thing that affects the buying decision. You’ll need a pool that suits your location, for example, if you want an in deck mounted spa pool, or whether your spa will be free standing in a paved patio area. The location in which you will be placing your spa will help you consider what type is best suited to your family. The location also might help you to consider what features to look for when buying a spa, for example, if not in a gated pool area, you will need to find a spa pool with a lockable hard cover.

2. Purpose Behind Buying a Spa Pool

Regardless of whether the pool is meant to relax, to help treat specific health issues, a play area for your family, or a mix of all – you’ll have to consider the main uses of your spa when choosing a spa pool. For example, if you need a spa to help with medical issues and aches and pains, consider the amount of jets the spa has, whether these jets are adjustable as well as the overall comfort of the seating options.

3. Water Care and Maintenance

The three most basic water care alternatives are – chlorine, ozone, and salt water sanitation. Make sure the specialists disclose to you exactly how much effort and care is required on your part to keep your spa pool in the ideal working condition in all cases.

4. The Filtration Process

Once more, you require expert guidance on the best way to keep the water in your spa pool clean and chemical-free. The filtration framework needs to be simple for you to access and maintain without calling an expert every now and then. It is important to consider the ongoing maintenance costs when buying a spa pool, for example, how often do filter cartridges need replacing, and can they easily be purchased locally.

5. Energy-Efficiency

A spa pool can cost you between $6-10 on your weekly power bill, depending on your local power costs, climate conditions, and the scope of features your spa pool has. You can bring down the power cost with use of thermally insulated covers, proper insulation, quality water heaters and water pumps. So it is important to consider the ongoing energy costs when purchasing your spa pool. As there is many modern features out there that will help you save on your power bill.

6. A Reputable Dealer

Make sure to look at any dealer’s history for their experience and customer service record. Don’t just purchase from just any dealer, or base your purchasing decision solely on price – make sure to look at the market, search for feedback and customer reviews, and where possible, test the spa pool options out yourself. There are many dealers like Trueform Spa offering quality spa pools in Auckland for years. Ensure you make the right selection.

7. Don’t Fall For DIY

The professional dealers and sellers of spa pools know all the benefits of each individual model. They also may be able to help you in selecting the right model to fit your home and family. They also have the right knowledge and skills to explain the installation of a spa pool.

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