Will Your Vehicle Make it Another Year?


How confident are you when it comes to your vehicle making it for another year? In the event the answer is not too confident, is it time to act?

Many auto owners live with the fact that their vehicles are in essence ticking time-bombs. As such, they may last thousands of more miles or they could stop working today or tomorrow.

When you do not have full confidence in your car or truck, it may well be time to retire the one you have and look for another.

So, will your vehicle make it another year?

Know What Your Options May Be

In trying to decide if your current car or truck can make it at least another year, take the following into account:

1. Current condition –

What condition is the vehicle in now? If it is pretty beaten up, you do begin to wonder about safety issues. From worn tires and brakes to bad lights, you do not want to be in a vehicle that is an accident waiting to happen. If money is a little tight, still try and do your best to get regular maintenance inspections. Doing otherwise puts you and others on the roads at risk.

2. If you have a breakdown –

In the event your vehicle breaks down, can you get help there as soon as possible? There are many drivers out there without any roadside help coverage. As such, they could be on the road for an hour or more when their vehicle breaks down. Make sure you know where to turn if your vehicle leaves you stranded. Reaching out to tow trucks in Brisbane or other options nearest you is important.

3. Your finances –

Before you get a new or used auto to replace the current one, go over your financial situation. The last thing you want to do is be in a bind with monthly car payments you, in essence, can’t afford. If a brand new vehicle is out of the question, look to see what kinds of deals are out there on used cars and trucks. You may, in fact, discover that you can land a good used vehicle for a fraction of the price of one fresh off the lot.

4. Your near future –

Last, do you commute a fair distance to work? If so, how much longer can your current vehicle handle such a ride if you do not use public transportation? If public transit is an option, it might behoove you to use it more often than not. In doing so, you can cut down on the mileage you are piling up on your current vehicle. Also look to see if working out of your home on occasion is a possibility.

While safety should always be the key factor in how long you keep a vehicle, you can’t overlook other matters. Yes, the main one tends to always be money.

That said to take some time to assess your vehicle situation.

Make sure you have a vehicle that is not going to leave you stranded on the side of the road over and over again.

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