Know the possible benefits of Santa Fe Checking Accounts


When you are searching for the no hassle checking account, you should not look any further. The Santa Fe Checking Accounts is the key checking devoid of any minimum balance and any amount of the monthly fee. This is really simple, you will get the below-mentioned features of Santa Fe Checking Accounts. Let us discuss the Express Checking account.

  • Free Debit transaction / ATM transactions with CU Anytime as well as CO-OP networks
  • Protection of Free overdraft from various CU accounts
  • Facility of mobile banking and Free online banking
  • Free option of online banking and bill payment service.
  • A feature of Free statements
  • Features of protection plans for Identity theft

When you are searching for the account bearing the interest account with a minimum balance, Star checking is an account for you.

  • A low balance of $100 to avoid any kind of monthly fee
  • Get the first order free of cost for custom image checks
  • Free protection for Overdraft
  • No fees per check
  • Free services of Bill payment
  • Free Mobile and Online Banking
  • Identity protection of Theft
  • Payments of Dividends paid with the average balances of about $1000
  • Free protection of overdraft from various CU accounts

If you maintain the higher balance where you can write three checks, each month, Money Market account is a wonderful option for you to earn high amount of interest.

  • Dividends get paid on first of each month with average balances more than $2,000 and earned during deposit.
  • Minimum balance for opening is $2000.
  • Diverse rates get paid according to the balance. Hence, if you will save more you will be able to earn more.
  • No monthly fee is being charged.
  • Get free drafts/check and debts up to 3 transactions, Subsequent to this monthly fees of $10.00 is charged.
  • No limit for minimum withdrawal, but the limit is of 6 withdrawals monthly.
  • Optional plan for Identity theft

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