5 Mistakes People Make After a Car Crash


Statistics show accidents have become a common thing on San Diego roads. As per 2016 accident records, San Diego county witnessed 21,534 car accidents which was a 7% increase compared to last year.

A car accident is a traumatic incident that makes you feel like the world around you has collapsed. Such unfortunate accidents can affect your thinking capability, and most people don’t know what to do. It is easy to make mistakes after a car crash, but they could prove costly financially, physically, and emotionally. Not hiring a car accident lawyer San Diego is the biggest of them all.

Here are five mistakes people make after a car crash.

1. Not Calling The Police

The first thing you need to do after a car crash is calling the police. Many people choose to run away after an accident. The police officer who arrives at the accident spot can collect evidence that can work in your favor.

Though police are not going to help build your injury case, their primary investigation can be a starting point to filing a case and your recovery.

2. Admitting Guilt

The roads get crowded in San Diego, and you need to keep your cool while driving the car. It is also necessary to obey the rules while driving, like not speaking on the phone. In 2015, San Diego recorded 3477 car accidents due to distracted driving.

Many people think admitting guilt can make things right. Admitting guilt can be a big mistake and close the road for getting compensation. Court rules allow the accident victims to speak their minds in court. However, saying something without the advice of the car accident lawyer can negatively affect your case.

3. Not Gathering Evidence

Drivers have the responsibility to drive the car with care. As per 2015 accident statistics, 23.6% of the total accidents in San Diego resulted from reckless driving. To build up your case, you need to gather evidence from the accident scene.

4. Not Contacting A Car Accident Lawyer

Personal injury laws are complicated, and getting desired compensation is difficult unless you contact a car accident lawyer. According to San Diego laws, you have to file a case within six months from the incident date to get the case admitted into the court.

If you delay or skip contacting the car accident lawyer in San Diego, the civil court might not register your injury case, and you will be left to fend for yourself. In that case, you need to pay your medical bills and bear future treatment expenses.

5. Believing the Insurance Company’s Word

Insurance companies are interested in delaying the case and denying quality claims. If you are hospitalized after an accident, you need someone to represent your case with the insurance company. An accident lawyer knows the tricks and strategies followed by the insurance companies.

The lawyer can present evidence to support your claim and convince the insurance company to pay the desired compensation amount. The insurance company of the opposite party may also seek out of court settlement. In that scenario, the attorney can help you get a fair settlement without filing a case in court.

To sum up, the car accident lawyer can help you avoid mistakes that can prevent you from getting the desired compensation. The lawyer will also ensure you get the right medical treatment while building up the personal injury case.

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