Understanding the Different Types of Metals That Exist Today


Are you in need of a certain metal for a project? Say you’re in construction and your job is to order materials or you’re going to do a DIY project around the house. If this fits your role, you need to know about the different types of metals that exist today.

This guide lists some of the types of metals that you should be familiar with. You’ll learn about their properties and their uses.

1. Copper

Copper is one type of metal that has a long history. It’s an old-fashioned type of metal. In nature, copper is not found in its pure form, but it’s easy to form. Copper is extracted from the ore.

Copper is often found as an alloy, which is another type of metal. Copper happens to be a good conductor of electric current. It makes for great use in electrical circuits.

It also makes for a good conductor of heat. This is a reason why copper is a material used to make cooking utensils. Also, copper is good for preventing corrosion as it forms an oxidized layer.

2. Bronze

Bronze metal is made from copper. This is one of the types of alloys that is made from the combination of two or more metallic elements.

Bronze has several properties that make it a sought-after metal. It’s both brittle and hard. It’s also able to resist fatigue, thus preventing it from bending or cracking.

These properties make this type of alloy a perfect fit for the massive church bells. Because of its properties, it gives a good ring. It’s resistant to corrosion, so it makes a good fit for ship parts that remain underwater.

3. Aluminum

Aluminum is a metal that most people are familiar with as it’s found in many household items. This type of metal is light, yet strong. It’s also functional.

Aluminum derives from ore bauxite. Its machinability and electrical conductivity contribute to its widespread use. Another great benefit of aluminum is that it doesn’t magnetize.

All these properties make aluminum the perfect metal to use in soda cans and appliances.

4. Brass

Brass is another type of alloy. This alloy comes from copper and zinc. Some brass can contain small amounts of aluminum and manganese. Other types of metallic elements can also be present in brass.

The color of brass makes it a popular choice for decorations. This is why many antiques are made from brass.

A great thing about brass is its ability to manipulate. Brass is malleable, so by hammering it, it can be formed into certain shapes. Instruments like the tuba and trumpet are built out of brass.

Because metal is valuable, there is a risk of people stealing it. If you’re looking to make your mark on the type of metal that you get, consider making a laser engraving. Check out this laser engraver for metal.

Types of Metals

If you need metal for your project, any of the types of metals in this guide may be the one you need.

Each of these metals comes with different properties. They have amazing benefits too.

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