How to Be the Best Neighbor in Your Community


Whether it’s your first time renting an apartment or you have lived in several different communities, it is important to not only think about yourself when you are moving into a new apartment. You probably chose your apartment community because you loved the location, interiors, and amenities. But another detail you must always keep in mind is the people.

Living in an apartment community comes with neighbors. To make the most of your living situation, you should always try to be the best neighbor possible. It’s good to know the people who are living around you, and you may even make some new friends. Plus, it’s easier than you may think to make a positive impression. Following are a few simple tips to be the best neighbor in your community.

Say Hello

Yep – it really is that easy. Whether you have just moved into your new apartment community or have been living there for a while, one of the first ways to start being neighborly is to say hello to other people. Instead of staring at your phone or avoiding eye contact, make an effort to greet your neighbors. Maybe your simple greeting will lead to more conversation, and maybe it won’t. But at least your neighbors will know that you are welcoming and approachable.

Introduce Yourself

Making introductions can seem a little intimidating when you are moving into a new place. Fortunately, there are several ways you can go about this. If you are feeling bold, go knock on your neighbors’ doors. Introduce yourself, and let them know that you just moved into the apartment community. If that seems like a little too much for you, try to catch your neighbors as they are coming or going. They will appreciate knowing that a nice tenant has moved into the apartment community, and you may even feel more comfortable and safer by getting to know the people who live near you.

Be Considerate

Don’t be that neighbor who doesn’t follow the rules or makes everyone else feel uncomfortable. Keep the exterior of your apartment tidy. And if you are having people over, keep the noise to a reasonable level so that you do not disturb your neighbors, especially at night.

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