How to Wear Mens Fashion Overalls Like Bieber


Celebrities are the pinnacles of fashion inspiration. From men’s fashion magazines to trendy menswear stores like Differio, everyone looks up to these famous faces for fashion tips, style advice and what’s hot. Among all the gloriously stylish outfits we catch male celebrities wearing, mens fashion overalls are the hottest item now circulating in the men’s streetwear scene. From Justin Bieber to Chance the Rapper, these celebs are rocking overalls for men in every impossibly stylish way you could think of. Although men’s overalls aren’t always the easiest bottoms to pull off, as long you’re wearing them with cool-guy finesse, there’s no way you’re going to run into a fashion faux pas. Here’s how you, too, can look like your favorite celebrity in different styles of men’s fashion overalls.

1. The Justin-Bieber Overalls

What you’ll need: brown designer overalls for men, dark-colored work boots, solid-colored hoodie, snapback hat

Justin Bieber is usually spotted wearing men’s fashion overalls with one buckle undone. By leaving one side unsnapped, it gives the outfit a more laidback look, but it can also look a little sloppy. So, we don’t recommend this look if you’re going to a business or school function (unless you’re in the business of fashion!). The brown-colored overall look is paired with a minimalistic graphic hoodie, work boots, and a snapback hat. The beauty of wearing a hoodie is you can also throw the hoodie over both buckles to make your fashion overalls for men look like pants.

 2. The Dwyane-Wade Overalls

What you’ll need: men denim overalls, low-top sneakers, white collared shirt

Dwyane Wade has been seen in a slightly more classic overall outfit that looks stylish enough for a weekend getaway to the Hamptons. Instead of wearing jean overalls with the straps up, he leaves both straps hanging around the waist. The legs are cuffed to give it a slightly cropped look, paired with a solid white button-front shirt and low-top sneakers. You can actually find similar jogger overalls on Differio, an online menswear store. These aren’t men’s denim overalls, but their 2-in-1 overall joggers can be worn with both straps down for a similar effect.

3. The Chris-Pine Overalls

What you’ll need: striped men’s fashion overalls, red high top sneakers, solid V-neck tee, straw fedora hat

Chris Pine made some serious news for his low-key men’s fashion overalls. Spotted donning this outfit in the airport (where else?), he looked like he just returned from a trendy beach vacation in the Bahamas. To nail this look, you’ll definitely need striped men’s overalls paired with a solid V-neck t-shirt and bright red sneakers. As for the accessories, you can top it off with a pair of dark-tinted square sunglasses and a straw fedora hat. You’ll look like you’re ready to sip margaritas in the sand!

4. The A$AP-Rocky Overalls

What you’ll need: light-washed jean overalls for men, loose-fit graphic tee, low-top athletic sneakers, loose-fit denim jacket

This is for guys that love monochromatic denim outfits. If you love wearing denim for days, you need to try this look! A$AP Rocky is popular for his denim-on-denim festival look in men’s fashion overalls. You’ll need to start with a pair of faded jean overalls in light blue. You can pair these with a loose-fit graphic tee and sporty low tops. Of course, you’ll need to finish the outfit with a loose-fit denim jacket in the same denim wash as your overalls.

 5. The Chance-the-Rapper Overalls

What you’ll need: men’s skinny overalls in red, white long sleeve t-shirt, baseball cap

Chance the Rapper is one of those male celebs that definitely know how to properly style men’s fashion overalls in a skinny fit. To cop his effortlessly cool outfit, you’ll need a pair of red skinny overalls for men matched with a long sleeve t-shirt in solid white. You can tweak the look depending on what season it is. If it’s warm out, you can go for a short sleeve t-shirt instead. He usually finishes the look with a baseball cap, but you can also try a solid snapback hat for that streetwear vibe.

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