Discover the Convenience and Taste of Using A Slow Cooker


VitaClay® is advertised as one of the healthiest ways for cooking rice or prepares a complete meal. By stewing foods instead of sautéing or frying, you get dishes that are low in fat as well as cholesterol. This means delicious meals that are good for you. VitaClay® combo slow cooker lives up to its name. It brings food to boil quickly – 2 times quicker than most other slow cookers. It then decreases heat for simmering for the time that is desired. This process for cooking retains the texture of the food, shortens the cooking time by half while maintaining food’s flavor.

Popular and convenient

The slow cooker is one of the most popular as well as conventional home appliances on the market – second only to the microwave. They are as inexpensive as useful, and there is a complete way of cooking dedicated to their use. These convenient little helpers can be called Pressure Cookers, Crock-Pots, or even Rice Cookers. The top slow cookers currently for sale offer a selection of temperatures to offer you the most control over your meal.

Capacity and volume

When one compares the best slow cookers on the market today, the main differences are either in features such as capacity and volume – or in some advanced features such as Wi-Fi control. A general rule of thumb is that when you purchase a brand name slow cooker, you will most likely not have any problems. Many of the best pressure cookers currently on the market also serve just as well as a slow cooker.

No specific needs

If you are shopping for a slow cooker that is high quality and don’t have any specific needs – the one by VitaClay is probably perfect for your needs. Their slow cookers are awesome for making stews, soup, stocks, and broths. Slow cooking any food blends the flavors and brings out the richest flavors of any food that is sometimes hard to attain. Slow cooking with clay is much better because clay conserves the texture, taste, and nutrients of food. This slow cooker also cooks faster than other cookers, and this prevents, soggy, mushy, bland meal that sometimes happens with most other slow cookers.

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