Get Your Mom 1.74 High Index Lenses and Aromatherapy Wraps


Mother’s Day is coming up folks, don’t forget the special day on Sunday, May 13 as one where you should treat your mother to something that she most definitely deserves after the decades of love and nurturing she has given to you. Perhaps today is the year where you should recognize what she’s been eyeing and spend a little more than you normally would. 

Her favorite reading materials in artistic covers. How many times have you heard your mother rave about reading Anne of Green Gables and Little Women when she was your age? Perhaps she has relinquished you her own copy from when she was younger—the kind that is dusty and yellowed, practically not intact—so that you could wholly understand why she was in love with this literature. Splurge a little and get her her own copies that are busted out in Anna Bonde illustrations so that she can use the books as décor in her home. The lovely floral designs and the books themselves are enough to rejoice in.

Is your mom the fashionable type who lusts over new scarves, dresses, and eyewear? If she has a subscription on her own then she’s going to love two or three pairs of prescription glasses from Payne Glasses. If you get her 1.74 high index lenses with her accurate prescription (there’s a whole walk-you-through on the site so that you make sure to order her the correct prescription and lens size and shape for her face), then you can make sure to pick out one fancy option for formal events, another casual weekend type and the third can be the 1.74 high index lenses in Winnipeg for the adventurous woman.

Is she always at the osteopath, complaining about tight shoulders or a neck that is stiff as a brick wall? Some lavender-scented aromatherapy massage essential oils and herbal wraps may do the trick. She can put a silk pouch on her eyes to calm down after a busy day at work and the rose-y shoulder pad to release back tension. 

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