This is how Drotin tablet affects your pregnancy


Drotin also was known as Drotaverine Hydrochloride is a very popular and branded medication that is a member of a group of drugs name antispasmodic drugs. This medical drug is usually used prescribed to treat medical conditions like smooth muscle spasm or twitches in the heart, colic pain and severely painful menstruation/periods (Dysmenorrhoea).

Drotin is available in a pack (strip) that contains 10 tablets having the power (strength) of 40mg and 80mg. The medicine is manufactured by Walter Bushnell.

Drotin directly relaxes the smooth muscles of the body by decreasing the tone of smooth muscles. It also reduces intestinal peristalsis and dilates blood vessels in the body. The Drotin DS tablet blocks the release of some particular chemical messengers which may lead to stomach ache (abdominal pain) as well as inflammation or swelling.

The active ingredient or element present in the Drotin Tablet is Drotaverine. It inhibits PDE4 in the smooth muscle cells. It is an extremely effective and efficient medical to treat various issues. The effect of Drotin starts within half an hour of its consumption and remains effective for about 4 hours.

The Drotin tablet is majorly used For Cervical Dilation during childbirth or delivery. The medicine is very useful and effective in reducing the time span of the active phase of labor. It does this by fastening the cervical dilatation. The effects are much moiré when it is taken in the more dilated cervix as a company to less dilated one. Also, the effects are better in multigravida as compared to primigravida.

Drotin tablet should not be given to very small children, i.e. infants. However, it can be given to children, but with proper advice and prescription from the doctor and when the child is under medical supervision

Drotin Tablet is a prescription medicine and not an OTC drug. Drotin Tablet does not and cannot cure any disease or medical problem. It can only provide a temporary relief from certain symptoms.

Uses of Drotin DS Tablet

Drotin has many uses as it helps to provide relief from different kinds of pains to a person. As such, it is also commonly referred to as a painkiller. Since it has antispasmodic properties it provides relief from smooth muscle pains that occur in the heart and stomach.

Additionally, Drotin tablet may also be used to get relief renal colic pain (caused due to kidney stones), constipation or functional bowel disorders (bowel syndrome), stomach ache/ abdominal pain, pain in the kidney, Gallstones pain, severe or mild pain in the chest, Labor pain (cervical spasm), Liver pain, gallbladder disease, Intestinal pain due to ulcers and other medical or health issues.

It may also be used to treat pain during Post Medical Termination of Pregnancy (pain after abortion as well as Uterine neck spas.

Furthermore, it may be used during Postoperative pain, Headache, and Migraines.

Though it has many useful benefits, it is advisable not to consume it without any proper medical guidance. Don’t consume it just because any of your friend or family member having similar issues have suggested you do so. Remember each body is different and reacts to chemicals differently. As such, be wise and consult a qualified doctor, physician or an expert before consuming the tablet.

Side Effects of Drotin Tablet

Despite the fact that the Drotin tablet has many useful effects, it cannot be overlooked that this medicine also has the possibility of causing some harmful effects to its users.  These harmful effects are subjective and may or may not be experienced by users. The negative reactions of the tablet depending on the consumer’s age, gender, medical history, current medical status as well as the immune system. Each body is made differently and thus reacts in a unique way to various medical chemicals and drugs.

Some of the most common side effects of Drotin include Nausea, Mouth Dryness, Frequent urge to vomit, sour tongue, severe or a mild headache, sweating, sleep disorder, irritable bowels syndrome or constipation, dizziness (lack to maintain balance), flushes, blurred vision, rashes on the skin and more.

There are also several rare negative symptoms of Drotin that may be noticed, such as, Hypotension (highly low blood pressure) and Tachycardia (rapid heart rate).

If you see any of the above-mentioned side effects or any other abnormal and sudden changes in your body, then seek medical help immediately. Consult a qualified doctor and inform him/her about this or else the conditions may take a drastic turn if not given due attention and care. Also, t is not advisable to take the medicine for a longer period of time, as this may increase the risks of developing these side effects. Thus, strictly stick and obey the prescription given by the doctor.

Dosage and Duration of Consuming Drotin Tablet

The dosage and duration of taking this medicine depend on three major factors including the age of the person, the problem and the doctor’s prescription. It is recommended to consult a doctor and duly follow his advice and prescription before taking Drotin tablet. Here are some common and tested dosages that can provide help and clear the user’s confusion.  An adult that is anyone above the age of 18 years can safely consume Drotin (40mg to 80mg) three times in a day. A child between the age group of four to six years of age can safely take Drotin (20mg) for two or three times within a single day. On other hand, Children above 6 years of age can take the tablet (40 mg) for two or three times within a single day.

Drotin tablet can be consumed with or sans a meal. However, it is suggested to at least have some fruits before taking it, as if it is taken on an empty stomach, it might lead to acidity or a stomach upset. As such, take a prescribed dosage with a glass of water.

The effectiveness of Drotin Tablet may change according to the user as well as the dosage is taken. If even after proper intake of the tablet, you do not find any changes or feel no relief, then it is recommended to consult the doctor and ask him or another alternate solution.

Anyone can avail Drotin tablet from a medical store or a local pharmacy.  But, you require a prescription from a qualified and practicing doctor for purchasing the tablet.

Precautions to take while consuming Drotin tablet

Any medication should be taken with proper care and caution. Here is a list a precaution that should be taken while consuming Drotin tablet

  • Regardless to say, take Drotin Tablet only if your doctor has prescribed it as a temporary relief option.
  • With elderly people or old age people, special care and caution should be taken while taking the medicine. This is because as per observations, Drotin Tablet, in very few cases, has the possibility to lead to Hypotension and Tachycardia in a person.
  • Inform your consulting doctor if you are suffering from any heart, kidney or liver-related medical issues.
  • Inform your consulting doctor if you are suffering from any kind of cardiac rhythm disorders.
  • Also, inform duly inform your doctor if you are already consuming some other medicines or tablets to avoid any interactions with Drotin tablet.
  • Regardless to say, store Drotin tablet in a safe and secure place at room temperature. Keep it away from direct sunlight, moisture, children (infants) and also pets.
  • Do not stop the treatment in between. Complete the course for better and effective.
  • It is not advisable to consume the medicine if you have an allergy to Drotaverine Hydrochloride or any other ingredients used to make it. Thus before buying it check for the ingredient list, and if it doesn’t suit you, ask your doctor for an alternative solution.
  • Discontinue the usage of Drotin tablet and also inform your doctor if you experience any unusual changes in the body. This includes an appearance of Blood clots throughout the body or in parts of the body, feeling of Breathlessness, Discoloration of the skin on face or neck, swelling in lips and face, Irregular and fast heartbeat and also Pain and swelling under the skin.
  • One should not consume alcohol when on Drotin Tablet, as its interaction may lead to excessive drowsiness and calmness. If alcohol/liquor cannot be completely avoided for any reason, then make sure it is not consumed beyond 90 ml in a day.

Consumption of Drotin DS Tablet during Pregnancy

Drotin Tablet is not recommended to be used during pregnancy, as it may be unsafe. It is important to consult a qualified doctor or a gynecologist for more details before consuming the medicine and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of it. Drotin is regarded as a drug under pregnancy category C by the FDA (Food and Drug Association). Researches on reproduction have shown that the drug has bad effects on the animal fetus. However, until date, there have been no studies on humans. Since there are no potential risks seen in humans, pregnant ladies may consume Drotin Tablet despite the risks.

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