Tips for Choosing a Commercial Landscaping Company


If you are in need of landscaping services, it is not difficult to find a landscaper in Calgary and other Canadian cities at all. There are a large number of commercial landscaping companies out there, but even this has a downside; how can you choose one out of so many? There is no need to despair as there are some easy tips that can help you in weeding the good from the bad and you will be able to find the perfect landscape company for your property.

Use the tips highlighted below and you will be good to go:

1.   Make sure they offer the services you need

One of the most common misconceptions is that all landscaping companies offer the same services. This is not true as some companies only deal with designs, some help in construction, some also help in lighting and irrigation and others specialize in ice and snow management or lawn maintenance. You need to obtain a list of services the company provides so you can compare it with your checklist.

2. Look for sustainable practices

Landscaping is not a small investment. No matter how much you limit the changes you want to be made, it is still going to cost you. When you are spending money, you want to ensure that it is something that will last and give you value for money. You don’t want anything that will barely last a year. As people become more and more environmentally conscious, a number of commercial landscaping companies have begun to create landscapes that are energy-efficient, cost-effective and water saving.

3. Research their qualifications

When you take out the time to do some research on the commercial landscaping companies during the vetting process, you will be able to save yourself a lot of time. Take a look at their website as every company has one nowadays, talk to colleagues and also ask them to provide references. Don’t just get references for form’s sake. Make sure they can be verified and are authentic. If you still have any questions, you can directly consult the company. They need to have proper certifications and licenses to work as well as essential equipment. Likewise, they should also have insurance for security reasons.

4. Get a designated account manager

A commercial landscaping company could be working on various projects at the same time. If you have any problems or questions, who will you get in touch with? You cannot explain everything to a new person every time. Obviously, you want to get in touch with someone who is familiar with your project. This can only happen if you have a designated account manager. Look for a landscaping company that assigns separate managers to every project. This not only helps in resolving any customer queries but also ensures that the work is going on as per schedule and there are no delays.

Don’t forget to read reviews and going over the portfolio of the commercial landscaping company and then decide on what company to hire for your needs.

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