Top Hamptons Style Interior Decor Solutions for Every Home


The interiors of Hampton’s style homes are vivid, pleasant, modern, and airy, with a maritime vibe that makes you feel at ease as soon as you step in. The classic look has been one of Australia’s most common interior design trends in recent years, influenced by elegant holiday homes in the Hamptons area of Long Island.

So, let it be a decor property like Hamptons style desk or any other interior décor solutions, here is what you need to know.

Begin With a Base

Begin by creating a perfect foundation for your Hamptons-style home interiors. It will set the stage for the whole space. Naturally, this classic theme leans toward white, which serves as a beautiful and easy-to-pair foundation since it goes with anything. If the floors are whitewashed, paint the walls a soft blue or dark grey.

There are countless white shades to choose from but go with more relaxed accents to capture the traditional Hamptons look. It will be the primary color in your home, with accent colors to enliven and round out your Hamptons-style home.

Typical Hampton Style Colors

Colors used in Hamptons-style interiors include whites, neutrals, yellow, and grey. Experts recommend layering different hues of blue, from navy to baby blue, or matching light neutrals with coastal blues. Hampton’s style is described by grey shades of color, including duck egg blue and mint green.

The traditional style is cream with black highlights, or all black with bronze and white accents, combined with natural materials for comfort, such as genuine inlaid stone floors and dark timber.

What Type of Furniture to Choose?

The furniture in the Hamptons is usually laid-back and ombre. Plush sofas in light natural fabrics like linens and softly-skirted sofas with contrasting oversized decorative chairs in soft blues and turquoises come to mind. To finish the look, add some natural wood, such as a coffee table and a Hampton-style desk.


“Texture is quite essential in the maritime palette tale. Untreated or distressed wood, particularly in iconic coastal homes, exudes an earthy vibe. Sisal, jute, and linen are examples of natural textures. For a real Hamptons-inspired house, piles of plush cushions on beds and couches are a must-have.

Key Pieces

To build a warm and welcoming atmosphere, use symmetry and balance. The trick is to establish a focal point that unifies the room. Begin with the most significant bits. Purchase the best piece you can manage to make one element the hero. Mix and match clean, modern details with rustic, unfinished pieces for a balanced look.


Choose large sofas tufted in natural materials for a more formal look or rattan and wicker for a more relaxed beach vibe. Pick a linen sofa over leather or compact sofa for a more traditional look. To add appeal, combine it with matched occasional chairs in contrasting styles and fabrics.

Bonus: Living Room Interior Design

This relaxation zone is comfortable and chic, with a soothing color scheme of blue and white and tonnes of cozy accessories. Add contrast and color with wraps and pillows and new flowers in complementary colors – white is indeed a good bet.

Since Hamptons homes are known for their antique elegance, choose traditional furniture in muted tones rather than trendy items. Woven baskets are a stylish storage option that also brings a touch of seaside charm to the room.

In The End

Put all of these ideas to good use while making your ideal Hamptons-theme home as you now understand how to decorate in style.

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