How Can A Katy Accident Lawyer Help After Your Accident


As Katy is situated between Harris and Waller counties, there is always heavy traffic. That’s probably the reason for the high rate of car accidents that happen every other day. In case you are involved in any such accident, you need to contact a Katy car accident lawyer immediately.

Did you know that Texas reported 12,000 severe injury cases in 2019? Katy’s freeway is jam-packed on most days, and accidents are a common occurrence. The most accident-prone zone is probably the area between the Legacy Stadium and the Katy mills outlet.

As early as 2014, 410 car severe car accidents were reported in Katy. Within a two-year period, the number increased to 464, and in 2018 the number of accidents rose to 597, making it a 45% increase in 4 years. If you are involved in an accident, an accident lawyer can help you in the following ways:

Collecting Evidence from the Accident Scene

An accident can leave you severely or partially injured and traumatized; despite which you need to be alert and collect whatever evidence is lying at the accident site. An accident lawyer can help you better receive the maximum compensation if you have details regarding insurance from the involved driver/s. You can also take a photo of the scene and get the other vehicle’s driver’s contact details.

Investigations by your Attorney

Soon after a car accident occurs, you need to contact a Katy car accident lawyer who will conduct an accident and medical investigation and collect valuable evidence pointing to the opposite party’s fault.

Your attorney will prove the opposite party’s liability (other drivers) and make them liable for the damages caused. The attorney’s team will also collect the relevant medical records, medical bills, and payment receipts to establish the extent of damages and losses incurred.

Such evidence is crucial while negotiating with the other driver’s insurance providers or during the trial if you have to go to court.

Shrewd Negotiations

Once your attorney takes over, they will wait for your medical condition to stabilize (if you are severely injured) before proving the full range of the losses incurred by you.

The attorney will initiate negotiations with the other driver’s insurance company before taking your case to court. Going to trial is the last resort as it is time-consuming and a complex process that can drain you of your energy.

However, the negotiations with the insurance companies may go on for some time before an acceptable compensation is arrived at. In the meantime, you should never make the mistake of committing anything to the insurance company executives without consulting your attorney.

Your Attorney Will Prove Negligence

The primary reason you need to contact your accident attorney immediately is to prove beyond doubt that the car accident was due to an act of negligence by the other vehicle’s driver. The burden lies on you to prove negligence, and no compensation is at sight without proving. Only a skilled lawyer is capable of proving negligence and getting you the compensation due to you.

Your attorney will prove that:

  • The other party owed you the duty of care.
  • The other vehicle’s driver breached this duty.
  • The injury you sustained was due to this breach of duty.
  • The injury resulted in significant damages and due compensation to be paid.

The legal process in Katy is as complex as it is elsewhere in the country. Filing your claim is no easy task as there are many rules and laws to be followed, depending on the car accident’s nature.

Summing it Up

Insurance coverage in Katy includes compensation for bodily injury and property damage. You either get compensated for damage to your car or get full compensation if it is a total loss.  Accidents happen all the time, and only a skilled accident attorney can help you get the due compensation.

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