Essentials to Take Into Consideration For Improving Your Web Design


According to research, 90% of the user’s impression depends directly to a website layout. For this reason,¬†believe that customized website design is essential in positioning your brand and attracting high traffic into the site. Website design encompasses various aspects such as web graphics, interface design, among others. With the enormous growth of technology, modern web design goes beyond aesthetics and functionality to maximize online success. This applies both to business websites and personal websites.

According to web design experts, below are useful website design insights to put into consideration.

1. Use standard images

High-quality images aid in catching the user’s attention since they offer powerful graphics. However, while doing web design, it’s advisable not to use stock images as a survey as most of the website users perceive them as low quality. Secondly, use versatile optimized photos that don’t slow your site. When incorporating images into your site, consider the type of image you are using to avoid copyright fines.

2. Be consistent

An excellent website should have the same designs on every page, including the product description pages and contact forms. Inconsistent website pages make a website look cheap. Many times your users will get confused in locating a particular page. A consistent website design gives the web visitor a positive experience that encourages them to use the site frequently and even recommend friends. Furthermore, a compatible web design helps your customers concentrate on the value of your brand.

3. Use Well-Written Headlines

Well-written headlines imply simple texts that are precise free from jargons for natural interpretation. They should clearly and accurately describe the benefits of your products or services and how best they stand against the competitors. Well written headlines elevate your site’s traffic, which results in improved Google ranking.

4. Optimize Page Speed

Research shows that most website visitors anticipate faster website search results. 30% of them will opt for other websites with versatile and quick results. However, today Google can help you track and improve the loading of your site. Besides, you can find a host that doesn’t overcrowd their servers or consult your web developer.

5. Use Calls To Action Correctly

Having a call to action feature on your website encourages target customers to connect with your website through hyperlinks. An authentic call to action buttons should highlight the value of your services instead of just saying, “Click here.” You should at least encourage your users to sign up for the latest news or to subscribe for a 10% discount. Such a friendly suggestion demonstrates your business anticipates developing a relationship with the customer. However, too many calls to actions are annoying and will make your web design unlikable.

6. Include Sharing Buttons

The layout of your website should support sharing opportunities for users who want to recommend your services to their friends. Social media shares are the most used ways of promoting a website. They aid in attracting social media fanatics to your site hence improving the browsing traffic. Sharing buttons should be placed clearly and concisely such that they are easily accessible. However, you should ensure your website has all the features that your customers would need.

7. Segment Information

Segmenting web pages enhances the easier navigation of your users. You can opt to break your pages into clearly delineated grids and use bullet points to elaborate your points. The arrangement of information on your website should suit your business as well as the target audience.

The key to designing a profound website is simplicity and enhancing users’ experience with it. A well-designed website can work miracles in converting web traffic into loyal customers.

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