How to Exercise on a Busy Schedule


With a busy schedule, you can either go for an excuse or an exercise, but the choice should be the latter. You might be thinking it’s not possible to take out time for a proper work out when you have kids to look after, work commitments to fulfill and other numerous tasks, but it is still possible to take an hour out of your day and devote it to working out.

A few minutes worth of exercise in the morning is enough to boost your metabolism and recharge you for the day. Distributing a few minutes of exercises throughout the way will improve your performance by boosting your brain power. By the end of the day, you can perform a few night exercises that will help induce relaxation and release the stress you’ve acquired throughout the day.

Consider these following tips to incorporate exercise in your busy schedule:

Talk as you move

Do you have many phone calls to make? If yes, grab your phone, ditch the chair and start walking around while making calls. Instead of texting or emailing, try using phone calls as a more frequent medium to connect to people. This allows you to walk around, pace back and forth while you talk on the phone. Although, this is would be considered a low-intensity work out it still benefits you a ton when it comes to resisting weight gain.

Go manual

Whenever you go out shopping or to your workplace, always skip the elevator or the escalator and opt for the staircase. Climbing stairs are one of the best workouts to do without experiencing an intense exhaustion. Stairs help build muscle mass and burn extra calories. It is a high-intensity work out as it takes a lot of energy, it also shakes off the morning drowsiness and you can kickstart your day. Not to mention, there are many proven benefits of climbing stairs; it helps you improve your heart rate. It allows for a consistent movement of your legs and hips, which not only helps tone your body but also causes deep breathing that increases the heartbeat (thus an increased blood flow). It also strengthens the joints and muscles.

Do household chores

Household chores are one thing you cannot escape. They’ll find you no matter where you hide. But you can turn this into a benefit for yourself. Do not lay around when it comes to the things that you have to get done one way or the other. So get to it and instead of using a vacuum, use a broom. Sweep faster. Dust your house with a towel, smack it on the ceiling so that you can extend your arms upwards. Scrub your dishes harder and swish swash quickly. Use a good quality mop that you can exert weight on to scrub the floor vigorously.

Add extra mileage to your destinations

Adding extra miles to your destinations means extending the overall distance you have to cover. You can do this whether you drive a car or take a bus. If you drive to destinations, try parking at least half a mile away so you can walk a total of 1 mile as you come and go. If you take public transport, get off a few stops before so you can walk the remaining distance. This will help lower your chances of gaining weight and will help burn extra calories without you having to hit the gym.

Keep a massage chair at home

No matter how well rested you are, your body would still need a good massage to properly ease the tension in your muscles that build up on a daily basis. Portable massage chairs provide that comprehensive benefit to you, especially when you can’t go to a massage parlor or seek appointments on a busy schedule. A massage chair is designed to provide long and fulfilling strokes to your body that relaxes the muscles and straightens the spinal cord. A massage improves your circulation, allowing a good blood supply to reach the tissues and muscles and stimulate regeneration of cells. It alleviates back pain and releases endorphins into your body, which reduces pain and anxiety and speeds up the recovery process.

Go on mini vacations

Whenever you get a long weekend off, don’t anticipate spending it resting in bed. Make the most of it by planning a camping trip with your loved ones. As much as you like to think to rest throughout the day will make you more energetic and active at work the next day, you’re wrong. A better way to relax is by giving your mental state a break. Going to exotic places with your loved ones will give you a fresh robustness.

These small changes in your lifestyle can bring about great improvement. By utilizing a few minutes here and there, you can make time for yourself without having to compromise on fitness. Physical activity, when combined with proper nutrition, makes all the difference to your physical and mental health. It controls weight gain, prevents obesity and increases muscle strength. In fact, the perks of having an active lifestyle are endless.

The benefits of physical activities

Regular exercise is a solution to many ailments. It helps prevent a wide range of health problems, including stroke, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, a number of diseases stemming from obesity, cancers, arthritis, heart diseases, depression, and many other conditions. You may also feel better about your self-esteem, your appearance and your overall sense of accomplishment. When you exercise regularly, you maintain positivity in your life which helps boost your mental health as well. It improves the chemical balance of your body. Also, improved muscle strength raises endurance levels, improves flexibility, posture, prevents muscular fatigue.

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