Explanation Of Programs In Washing Machine


You must have heard about washing machine programs when you visited LG dealership showroom or any other appliance store. Do you understand what does this program signify with respect to the washing machine? You must have heard about child lock program in case of cars. When this program is used then children cannot open the car door by accident or otherwise.  However, in case of the washing machine, the program does not only mean that the washing machine is locked but you should not open when the machine is on the run. There is a number of different programs that exist for the variety of clothes. The program decides the cycle timing for different types of clothes.

Programs for cotton clothes and synthetic clothes are different

Washing machines provide different programs for washing synthetic and cotton clothes as the washing conditions of these two different types of fabric differ. Synthetic clothes do not need too hot water for washing as they are sensitive to hot temperature. If you wash in hot water then there is a chance that clothes can get damaged. In some of the washing machines, this program is also called “easy care” cycle. Fabrics like viscose or polyester must be washed under this program.

For washing cotton clothes the program can use little warm water for better wash and the cycle will be so timed that it will not damage the clothes. Certain machines also provide different programs for woolen clothes where the cycle time and temperature of the water may possess some other setting.

As a user, you do not have to set these parameters but you have to simply choose the right program, depending upon the type of clothes that you want to wash.

Programs for silken clothes

For washing silken clothes the washing conditions may be little different than other types of clothes. They are little delicate fabric and therefore they are washed in lower temperature and the rotation of drum may also be little lesser, which is little like synthetic clothes.

Therefore before washing the clothes you must separate and group them according to their type then choose the right program depending on the type of clothes.

Programs for sport clothes

For such clothes, the cycle duration may be little longer at a lower temperature so that the microfiber of the material of sports clothes are properly protected. With longer washing, you can get rid of body odor and the stains of sweat from the clothes. People who go to a gym and are regularly engaged in heavy workout need clean clothes during their workout and this program can be very useful for washing their clothes.

Quick wash programs

It is better to avoid this program as it does not clean the dark stain properly. This is meant for them who do not have any clothes left to wear and need washed clean clothes very quickly. Their cycle time is usually short.

Temperature washing program

If your clothes are too dirty and show dark stains then you may need hot water for more effective washing.

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