Does Your Teen Pressure You to Drive?


As a parent, do you often get the look or even comments from your teen that they’re ready to get their driver’s license to drive your Lease Audi A5? If so, how do you react?

For many moms and dads, their teens will bug them in hopes of getting their permission to drive.

So, if your teenager is ratcheting up the pressure to go to the DMV for a license, will you sign off on it?

Responsibility is the Number One Key

In deciding if now’s the time for your teen to learn how to drive, start by assessing their level of responsibility.

You should know by now if your son or daughter is responsible enough to have a driver’s license.

One way to go about this is by looking at how they’re doing in and out of school.

Are they responsible with their studies and in getting good grades? If they’re an average student, it does not mean they can’t have a driver’s license. When achieving solid grades each semester; they are serious about their studies.

Second, do they hold a part-time job? If so, having a driver’s license and access to a family vehicle or their own car could make it easier to get to work. If so, that can be another reason to drive forward with allowing them to go get a license.

What Kind of Vehicle Will You Want for them?

If you need the family vehicle for your own transportation, will you go out and buy your teen a used or even new vehicle?

If you opt for the former, make sure you know what you are getting your hands on.

That said buying the right used car or truck is why you should do a VIN search.

That vehicle identification number can help you learn more about the auto.

From knowing about any accident history to if there are any recalls, know what you may be buying.

Also, think about the climate where you live.

In the event you are in a climate where winters are bad, you want to make sure your teen has an auto that will protect them.

Last, don’t buy something with so many miles on it that it is going to be one repair bill after another.

Distractions Behind the Wheel Can Be Deadly

Even if you believe your teen can drive and have their own auto, remind them about distractions.

Among some of the worst ones your teen can do:
  • Cell phones –

    Driving while talking or texting on a cell phone can end badly for your teen and others. Make sure your teenager knows that they should only use their phone when in a safe spot off the road.

  • Grooming at the wheel –

    Whether applying makeup or other grooming needs, accidents happen. Remind your teen to never do such actions when driving.

  • Aggressive driving –

    Last, if your teen tends to have a bit of a temper, the last place they want to show it is on the road. While it can be tempting to act out against drivers, remind your teenager to steer clear of this.

In searching for a car and making sure your teen is responsible, do all you can to drive off with the right results.

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