Six Ways to Fix Poor Suction of a Vacuum Cleaner


Most people use their vacuum cleaners at least once a week. If you have been using the same hoover for many years, then you might realize that the machine doesn’t suck up the dust and dirt as efficiently as it did when you first bought it. It is important to take good care of your machine so that you won’t have to waste money on buying a new one every couple of years. Here are some ways how to improve the suction of your vacuum cleaner.

1. Empty the bag

If you are having problems with the suction, then the first thing you should try doing is emptying out the vacuum cleaner bag. If the bag is full, or perhaps not connected properly, then it can drastically affect the suction power of the hoover. You should make sure that the vacuum cleaner bag is never overfilled.

2. Clean the filters

The second thing to try doing is to clean the vacuum cleaner’s filters. If they haven’t been cleaned in a long time, or perhaps they have never been cleaned at all, then the clogged-up filters will reduce the suction power. If these filters are very dirty, then the machine might even be spewing the dirt back into the room, and it appears as if the machine isn’t removing any dust at all.

3. Clear all the airways

It is also possible that your machines airways are clogged up with a small toy or any other small item. It is a good idea to take the machine apart and search for an item which might be causing the poor suction. If you have pets, then it is also possible that a hairball has clogged up the airways. You can use a small wire with a brush attached to it so that you can clear the airways properly.

4. The vacuum might not be adjusted correctly

Most vacuums have different regimes for different types of flooring. For example, the height of the vacuum could be adjustable. The correct adjustment gives the machine optimal suction power. The lowest height is usually for hard floors such as wooden or tiled, and the highest height should be for carpeted floors.

5. The roller could be clogged

If the roller of your machine is clogged, then it will not pick up the dirt efficiently, and you might think there is something wrong with the suction. This issue can be easily fixed. With a sharp pair of scissors, cut through the hair and dirt which is clogging up the roller, and remove the dirt.

6. Replacing parts

If none of the above suggestions has fixed the problem, then the last thing you can try doing is buying the required hoover spares and swapping out the old parts with new parts. This is slightly more difficult than the above solutions, and you might want to ask for some advice from a friend or a professional who can help you fix the machine without breaking it even further.

A vacuum cleaner is an essential piece of household equipment, and it works at its optimum when taken care of properly. Change the vacuum cleaner bags frequently, don’t forget to regularly clean the filters and make sure that the hoover has been adjusted properly.

it will work at its maximum efficiency.

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