8 Pointers to help you choose the Best Rummy Site to Play


Online rummy is the order of the day. With the seemingly increasing presence of internet in our lives, the most mundane tasks that we do are moving towards the online way of life. Even the quintessential club indulgence like rummy has evolved over a period of time to embrace the changing technological wave. Today, online rummy is just not a pastime indulgence; rather, it is perceived to be a mainstream entertainment with devious age-old taboos associated with it shattered into smithereens. Several rummy sites in India offer a never-before gaming experience to the players.

The Supreme Court has declared that rummy is a game of skill and playing online rummy or cash rummy is legal. This has resulted in an increase in the interest for the game.

However, use discretion while you are choosing for the best online rummy websites in India to play. Check out these 8 pointers which come in handy in your decision-making process.

1. Free registration

Several rummy sites India centric are available to choose from and play. Most of them offer free registration. Since free registration is one of the attractive features, do not register with a site that insists on paid registration.

2. Game variants

Check for the game variants provided by the sites. Reputed rummy sites offer both free and cash games in addition to 13 cards game variants such as Points, Pool and Deals rummy. Some of the rummy sites also offer 21 cards rummy to up the level of challenge for the players.

3. User-friendly interface and gaming features

Ensure you go to the best rummy sites in India that offer a user-friendly interface with attractive gaming features like 2D and 3D view of the tables, interesting themes, and attractive appearance. After all playing online with faceless opponents shouldn’t be boring, right?

4. Player tutorials and demos

While deciding on the rummy site, check for the availability of online tutorials, videos, blogs etc., giving detailed information about the rummy rules, how to play rummy guides and various tips and tricks of the game.

5. Registration and RNG certification

Always go with those rummy sites in India which are registered with the concerned government or legal bodies. Also, check for the Random Number Generation (RNG) certification of these sites which is a testimonial to fair and transparent play conducted on these platforms.

6. Safety and security

Since you share personal information and do online money transaction on these sites, ensure they have Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security in place that protects the safety and security of your information and do not get misused.

7. Bonuses, offers, and tournaments

Best rummy sites in India offer exciting bonuses, cashback offers, and tournaments to their registered players in order to keep the game interesting and motivate the players with attractive rewards and cash prizes.

8. Customer support

Reputed rummy sites will always give top priority to their players’ concerns and issues and provide with 24×7 customer support through email, chat and phone facilities. Some of the sites also offer multi-lingual support handle better their player concerns.

Final thoughts

Option are aplenty; be wise and choose the right rummy site and enjoy a rummy playing experience which is hassle-free and loaded with fun.

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