Enjoy Your Music and Videos with Elmedia Video Player


When it comes to free video players there is nothing that can beat the power of Elmedia Video Player. It’s one of the best free video players that you can get out there. This particular player is loaded with exciting features which the user loves. If you are a Mac user and wondering that which media player is best for mac then look no further because Elmedia is your ultimate option. The fact that this is available for free is what makes it the most special.

For the ones who have never used Elmedia before, we have written a short review on the video player which will give you a pretty good idea about what this particular video player can do or are capable of.

Elmedia Video Player: A Short Review

Elmedia video player is a multi-functional Mac OS video player which can support all types of video formats. Well, what can you ask more from a video player when it can literally play almost every format? Isn’t that what we all look for so, that we don’t have to download multiple video players to play each format. The most common type of video and audio files that are supported by Elmedia includes the following formats: FLV, DAT, FLAC, MP3, WMV, MKV, M4V, AVI SWF, MPG, and MOV. No matter what file you want to play, you can try out Elmedia for it. After all, it’s the ultimate solution for every type of file format.

Other than just supporting different types of file formats, Elmedia also has other powerful features which include the following:

  1. It comes with an inbuilt web browser along with an ‘Open URL’ features as well. With the help of this feature, you can watch videos online from the app window itself.
  2. Elmedia also gives you a full HD experience which means now you can enjoy all your videos in perfect HD. You no longer have to struggle with grainy pictures anymore.
  3. Elmedia is also known to support different types of audio formats as well. Along with your videos, you can now enjoy all your audio files as well as high-quality.
  4. Elmedia also provides its users with a lot of other settings as well with the help of which you can watch your videos full-screen, hide the control panel and do a lot more.

Thus, it can be concluded that Elmedia video player is the ultimate free software for the Mac OS.

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