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Pest Control Myths You Must Know


Pest control is always important for one’s health as well as the safety of your environment. If you are looking for some effective pest control tips and techniques, first of all, you must acquaint yourself with major myths related to pest control.

These myths are very harmful because they make you think wrong and keep you far away from reality. Read the article to know six common myths related to pest control.

Myth 1 – Bed bugs crawl in dirty homes

Most of the people think that bed bugs crawl only in an unsanitary home. But this is not true. Pests can inhibit any space as long as they find it comfortable for them. So, if they get enough source of food in a lavish home, they can live there for a long time. Even you can find bed bugs in a sparkling clean room, five-star hotel or a luxurious apartment. Remember, bed bugs are not choosy about their dwelling.

Myth 2 – Pet cats can control rodents to come to your place

Many people think that keeping pet cats at their home can help in controlling rodents. That’s not true at all in the case of well-fed cats. If the cat gets good food at home, they are not motivated to hunt. So, if you have rodents at your home, a trick of keeping pet cats may not work every time and instead of catching them, cats may like to play with them.

Myth 3 – Ultrasonic repellents can be a good solution

Ultrasonic repellent is in demand because most of the people think that they are effective in controlling pests. They are made to produce ultra-high frequency sound waves so that the pest does not come to your home. This only sounds like the best option for pest control but all the claims made by the manufacturers of these products are faulty. Also, there is no scientific evidence behind the success of this product.

Myth 4 – Pests do not survive in a clean house

Most of the bugs are attracted to good food sources. So, they have nothing to do with dirty or clean homes. As in the case of bugs, blood is the food source. Therefore, it is nothing to do with the places where these pests dwell or crawl.

Similarly, pests like ants, cockroaches, rodents are also attracted to food. So, they can live in sparkling clean houses as long as they are available with different food sources.

However, the reason why a filthy house is highly suspectable to pests is because of clutter and dirt which is also a source of food for many pests. Therefore, if your house is dirty or clean, pests can survive in both the conditions and the best solution is to call Boise pest control services.

Myth 5 – You can get rid of pest through DIY tips

Most of the people think that pest control does not need professional help. That’s not true. You cannot rely every time on DIY techniques to control pests. These problems need professional help.

if you are noticing a day by day increase in bugs and pests at your home, it’s time to call the best pest control company.

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