Common Damages in an Accident Claim


Orlando car crashes are both unexpected and not a pretty sight. Most often than not, it is advised to make an as much conscious effort while driving to keep yourself and other road users safe. However, in the event that the accident occurs, injuries sustained may be of varying degrees and may require long periods of medical treatment along with physical therapy coupled with missed time from work. If you are however a victim of such car crash, you may be able to recover monetary compensation which is expected to cover not only your medical costs and lost wages but also for the pain and suffering you have been exposed to. Additional compensation may be demanded to cater to other factors such as inconvenience, emotional distress, and lost quality of life.

The first priority however after being involved in a car accident is seeking medical attention to ascertain the degree of damage done to your body system by the accident. It is however important also to hire the services of an Orlando Law Firm to handle the legal end of your case while you focus on your recovery.

The car crash attorney is expected to negotiate on your behalf all settlements with the at-fault party’s insurance company

Some of the common damages that can be negotiated for by your car crash attorney include:

Medical Damages

Compensation for medical damages is made as part of the economic damages. This is so because the damage compensation is calculated in dollars and cents by simply assessing the affected person’s medical bills. A car crash victim may be able to recover a significant amount of the monetary compensation for the costs of all medical visits, physical therapy, and medical procedures.

Lost Wages

This is also an economic damage as it is also calculated in dollars and cents. Car crash accident victims may be able to recover enough compensation for the time missed from work following the accident. The compensation includes time missed from work for attending medical appointments and therapy sessions. Wage damages are calculated by taking into account the employee’s hourly wage and multiplying the amount by the number of hours or days he or she may have missed from work due to the accident.

In the event that the accident victim is self-employed or a contractor, lost wage calculations can become more complex.

Pain and Suffering Damages

In the case of severe injuries, it is possible to file for a pain and suffering damages compensation. Accident victims, sometimes following the car crash may need to undergo serious medical procedures, treatments, and physical therapy. The trauma caused by the pain and suffering may be compensated for. However, unlike economic damages such as medical bills, pain and suffering compensations cannot be calculated using an exact formula but some factors are considered.

Some of the factors considered in calculating pain and suffering compensation include:
  • Are the injuries and symptoms permanent?
  • The length of recovery time.
  • Can the conditions or symptoms be alleviated, if so, how and when?
  • Can medication relieve or eliminates the painful symptoms?
  • Is there a need for any future medical procedures – including surgeries.
  • Is it possible to maintain the previous lifestyle following the accident?
  • Is the victim able to participate in same personal and professional activities as before the accident?
  • What is the victim’s life expectancy after the accident?

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