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Why people choose YouTube as the best source of income?


Nowadays, starting a YouTube becomes a trend among all people. All age group of people was starting their channel. In past, we can find only a few channels and there is no much content too. As the technology developed everyone got aware of it and they implement their idea on YouTube. We can upload any kind of video there is no limitation in uploading.

The only thing is, the video should not contain any harassment contain and bully anyone. It is against the YouTube norms. If anyone doesn’t follow this norm, their YouTube channel can be banned by the YouTube authority. We should aware of our video before uploading it. It will help us to create a good name among the people.

What are the steps we need to follow to make our channel hit?

We can see many good content but they don’t know how to promote it rightly. It will make them feel low. So here is YouTube guide on how to get views for free. By following each step, we can make our channel the top hit. We need not worry about any legal issues because it is completely safe to use this technique on your YouTube channel. They are,

1. Download the Vid IQ software from Google chrome and connect to your Google account to assess the device. It is 100% secure to use and there is no need to worry about the virus or hacking issues.

2. Then you can upload your video using this application. The piggy-back video is analyzed and uploaded on YouTube for the best result. In your video piggy-back will appear to check the daily view rates. When people try to search for something, your piggy-back video will appear at first. Later on, people can check their viewer’s rates daily for at least one week. If there are gradual increases on your video then leave for a month. If not so, then you can do some alterations. Or else if any similarly titled video appears on the search you need to change the title.

3. The next step is to modify your title if it was similar to others. You need not to change the exact content, just make a few changes alone. Always the title should not exceed 100 characters. You can check it on, it gives the exact result. It helps the new channel owners a lot.

4. Then you need to add tags to your content. You can add your channel name and creator name on the piggy-backing form. As many tags can be added here, it helps for a quick assessment of the video. You can get an idea from the Vid IQ panel.

If there is still no progress on your video views, you can install Search high retention views. It helps to increase your views; by the way, you can increase the viewer’s list. Make sure that you are getting the right content because many are waiting to cheat us.

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