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Simple Tips for Startups to Get Social Media Exposure


Whether your business is already established, or just entering the market, the support of social media can be quite influential for current and potential sales. The more people you reach on social media, the more success can be achieved by your business, especially in the case of a startup. Following are a few tips can that assist you when devising a strategy to gain maximum audience exposure on social media

Making Impactful Profiles and Pages

The first step towards gaining a greater audience on social media, you first need to create a profile that simply conveys all your details whether its location, description or communication links. This requires that you actively update your profile pictures and posts to increase awareness.

Provide Links for your Social Accounts

Whether it is on your website, or if you are communicating with people through email, you are advised to give links that will make it easier for people to connect with you. According to Niv Borsuk, icons such as footer or header can direct the viewer of your website to your pages and profiles on social media. Furthermore, including links in email signatures can help guide the audience to your social network accounts.

Value of Content

To promote any startup, you must first attract audience. Posting high quality content that your followers or viewers will like should be top priority. Videos, blog posts, pictures or presentations that have the potential to boost your sales should be displayed on social media websites or communicated via email. Interesting and engaging content will capture the attention of the audience and keep them coming back for more. It will also encourage them to share it within their circle and provide you with the exposure you need.

Engage your Audience

Since not all social media websites operate on the same pattern, the means of communication on each platform will vary. On some networks, you can follow your audience, or use the search engine to begin chatting with the target market. Exchanging words with your followers will give you a better understanding of what they expect from the brand. People should be given enough access to reach the person in charge in case they have a complaint, query or feedback to give. Moreover, operations should be set to guide the audience, if needed.


Every social media network has its own methods of advertising. Promoting your brand will require you to create awareness amongst the target market. This can be done in a number of ways. Pop-ups can be paid for, that will ensure that the audience is constantly reminded of the brand. Paid promotions on other profiles, along with using hashtags while posting can help increase the number of the target audience. In addition to that, cross promotion on its own profiles or pages on various platforms by providing links to the other, can allow you to guide your followers, and at the same time circulate the word amongst a larger audience.

With the help of the aforementioned tips, you can broaden your horizons and gain higher sales, particularly when you are new in the market.

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