Top 5 Reasons A Whiteboard Animation Video Can Turn Your Audience Into Buyers


One of the most overlooked but highly effective marketing strategies out there is to use a whiteboard animation video.

You know what whiteboard animation videos are, right? Just in case you don’t, it’s the type of video where the hand of an artist draws a series of images on a screen (and against a white backdrop), while a voiceover narrates. Chances are good you’ve seen a couple already before.

If you have a business that you’re struggling to lift off the ground, you should know that there is only one way you can attract more customers: marketing. And while you certainly should utilize traditional online marketing methods such as SEO or guest posting on blogs or social media advertising, whiteboard animation can serve as the final catalyst you need to finally turn a curious audience into first-time buyers.

Here are the top five reasons why a simple whiteboard animation video can turn your audience into buyers:

Reason #1: It Can Be Placed Anywhere

Many people have a pre-conceived notion that YouTube is the only place where you can place a whiteboard animation video. While you certainly should post yours on YouTube, you can also post your video on social media, on your blog, or on the homepage of your website.

Reason #2: People Will Remember It

Even if people don’t buy from you right away after watching your video, at the very least, they will remember the video and that means they’ll remember your business. And if they remember your business, they may share your business with others.

Reason #3: It Makes Your Message More Powerful

The goal of any whiteboard animation video is simple: to tell a story. Specifically, in this case, you want to tell the story of how your products or services help the audience and can improve their quality of life. This message is amplified on a whiteboard video whereas it may come across are more muted or boring with other traditional marketing techniques.

Reason #4: It Compels Your Reader To Take Action

So long as you include a call-to-action at the end of your video, you’ll definitely convert more of your audience into buyers because they’ll know exactly what they need to do to get the benefits you described in the video.

Reason #5: People Will Enjoy Watching It

So long as your video is high quality with a good script, people will enjoy watching it. Whiteboard videos should be equally as entertaining as they are fun, and people will get the vibe that your company is one they would feel welcome to work with.

Turning Your Audience Into Buyers

Long story short, people will feel more compelled to buy from you if you use a whiteboard animation video to explain what your business is and what you provide. Whiteboard animation truly is one of the most effective marketing techniques out there and it’s not one you can afford to ignore.

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