Car Deals Online: Ways to Take Advantage of Only the Best


Are you buying a car online?

The best car deals aren’t impossible, but they’re difficult to find. It’s why 33% of Americans who bought a car are in $5,000 debt on average. It’s especially when you make mistakes when selecting online car deals.

To avoid these extra fees, we listed some tips to save on online deals. Read on and make the most out of your vehicle investment:

1. Get Preapproved for a Loan Beforehand

It’s best to get a car loan from financial institutions like banks, credit unions, or online lenders. If you get a loan from a lender before going to the car dealership, it allows you to think about your budget. It’s best before the salesman makes you fall in love with the most expensive car in the dealership.

A preapproval also reveals some of your credit problems. Build your credit score or look at your credit report to clear off errors. It allows you to get your finances in order before taking on the task of selecting a great car.

Look around and settle for the best rates. Never let the dealership charge you more than what’s appropriate for your creditworthiness. It’s not illegal for them to jack up your rates.

For example, your credit score qualifies you for a 6% interest rate. Some dealerships won’t tell you and offer a 9% rate instead. If you take it, you’ll pay thousands more in monthly interest.

In some cases, the finance company and dealership will split the extra.

Preapproval allows you to negotiate better rates. To get the most out of it, use a mainstream lender. Check online for the best lenders around.

2. Keep It Simple

When you’re at the dealership, focus on one thing before proceeding to the next. Never share too much information with your salespeople. It allows them to recommend the most expensive option around.

The first consideration is your desired vehicle’s price. In most cases, the salespeople will ask whether you’re trading in another car. They’ll also determine whether you’ll get a dealership loan.

Never answer these queries since it complicates the process. For example, when you negotiate a good price, they’ll likely increase the interest rate. If you go vehicle trades, they’ll sometimes lowball you.

Professional salespeople can think about these at once. It’s why you must keep everything simple. After settling on the right price, talk about trade-ins when applicable.

Before doing so, do your homework. It allows you to determine your vehicle’s fair value. A great free pricing guide is the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA).

If it seems the dealership is lowballing your old car, don’t hesitate to call off the deal. Another alternative is to buy the new vehicle at a good price. The good news is you have lots of other great options nowadays.

For example, a non-functional car is eligible for scrap car removal. Go here now to learn more.

3. Don’t Buy Add-Ons

After buying a car, you’ll likely talk to the dealership’s finance manager. Once you’re there, they’ll offer various add-ons for your purchase. It includes the following:

  • Tire protection plants
  • Extended warranties
  • Paint protection plans
  • Gap insurance

It’s easy to fall into this pitfall since you’ll likely feel drained. You spent hours settling on the right price and haggling over the vehicle trade-in. It’s what makes some dealerships serious money.

Never get these add-ons in the same dealership. They’re overpriced, and most people won’t know the fair price.

It’s especially important if you went with longer-term loans. These dealers will have more room to sell add-ons. They’ll often say you’ll only pay a little more each month.

The truth is the money will add up in the long run. Instead, wait until you’re almost done with your warranty. If you want an extended warranty, ask various dealerships for the best prices.

4. Be Cautious of Longer-Term Car Loans

Most new car loans are longer than six or seven years. It’s not a good sign for you since you’ll pay a lot more in interest. It applies even when your monthly payments are lower.

Compared to five-year loans, their seven-year counterparts have higher interest rates. Like any other loan, car loans have a higher interest compared with the principal within the foremost years. Most people won’t realize the dangers of this trend.

A seven-year loan increases the risk of owing more money than the car’s worth. It will likely put your finances in a vulnerable situation. It’s why it’s best to keep looking for cars with five-year terms because it’s the sweet spot.

When dealing with these dealerships online, look at the contract before accepting. It’s the best way to protect yourself from unexpected changes. For example, some online dealerships could change the loan terms and include a factory warranty.

Once you see these unwanted edits, cancel the contract and get rid of the unwanted add-ons. Be vigilant since this scenario happens more often than you think.

5. Read the Returns Policy

When buying a car online, read their returns policy. Returning the vehicle free from trouble contributes a lot to your buying satisfaction. It gives peace of mind, knowing you’ll have a safety net in case your car isn’t the right choice.

Take note, it mostly applies to used cars. Buying them means having a 14-day cooling-off period. If you want to return the car, check the fine print. It determines whether you’ll pay extra for it.

You’re liable to any damage and its diminishing value. It’s why returning a used car is less risky. After all, its value already diminished a long time ago. Also, the online seller will determine your fees based on the car’s mileage.

Get the Best Car Deals Now!

These are some tips to help you get the best car deals online. Buying from a dealership is secure and guarantees quality, but comes with drawbacks. Always be careful when dealing with these salespeople since they’re adept at upselling their add-ons.

Are you looking for the best car value? Read our other posts and learn better online car deals today.

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