The Special Features and Benefits Of Online Marriage Sites in India


In most parts of India, arranged marriage is considered as a better form of marriage than a love marriage. But the things about arranging marriages have completely changed. In the past, an arranged marriage was much more formal where the bride or groom had no chance to know or interact with each other. Often, this tended to create certain problems in the future. For every marriage, the most important thing is to know each other better. Online marriage sites come with the thought of making two people and their families to know each other better. Their motto is; “it’s not just about families, but about you too”.

According to some statistics, arrange marriages in India make 80% of total marriages. Only about 20% are love marriages. The social structure of India is well known to everyone. It’s all about family values, parent’s choices and their decisions. Previously, for things like marriages, the choice of the bride or groom was not given much preference. It was all about the families. However, today, these websites are trying to bring an environment where along with the families, the man and the woman too can choose a partner. They can interact with each other through online chatting and discuss their ideas and thoughts.

Types of matrimonial profiles that an individual can have

The quality of profile you make on a matrimonial website is a great factor. On the basis of your bio-data, one can get an idea of your personality and family background. In India, religion and caste is a big issue. There are websites that are classified to a certain community or caste, such as Bengali Matrimonial Websites. Now let’s see some common matrimonial sections of a profile:

  • Contact details

  • Physical characteristics

  • Work or career info

  • Personality profile

  • Community info

  • Religious beliefs

  • Location details

  • Family background

  • Photographs and bio-data which includes documents

Why are online marriage sites getting so popular?

The demand for these websites is increasing by 50 % each year. But what is the reason behind this popularity? Following are the major benefits one gets from online marriage sites:

  • Availability of many choices: You will get thousands of similar results on your search list that matches your criteria.

  • Free registration: Today, registration is free of cost for most of the websites.

  • Convenience: This procedure is the most convenient procedure to find the perfect bride or groom. The websites are easy to use. You can either download the application on your mobile or you can use the websites. If you download the app, they will keep you notified about your profile.

  • There is a short list and forward facility.

  • Affordable: One can even search through profiles for free. Creating profiles is also free in most cases. There can be some premium features too, but they too are not very expensive usually.

  • There is complete neutrality. Though one needs to be careful about few fraud users.

So what are you worrying about? Find out good rate online marriage sites and join a new trend.

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