Pep Up Your Style Quotient by Adorning Jewelry Made of Pearls


Pearls never tend to run out of style. They are traditional and give you an elegant look. In simple words, they have an aura of their own. Every woman definitely has a pearl jewelry stacked up in her jewelry box.  A simple pearl necklace can perfectly up your style statement when worn with the right clothing. Many of us are of the belief that pearls well suit our grandmother’s eras, but if you are up to date with the latest fashion trends, then you might know that the perception of pearls is slowly changing as many of the top fashion bands are reintroducing them with a modern look.

Experimenting with Different Styles

 No dress is complete without the right jewelry. You can go in for a single string of pearls for a necklace and match these with a pearl bracelet. Chokers are gaining a lot of popularity. Go in for chokers with a pearl pendant on a casual or party dress.

You can even wear pearls to the office. A simple pearl necklace can do wonders to your style statement. You can even wear them on jeans and skirts. Gowns and other elegant attire can be matched with multi-layered pearls.

You can choose from different sizes and colors for pearls. Ensure that you invest in top quality pearls as these tend to last forever. If you are planning to surprise your loved ones or gift pearls, you can look at websites such as PearlsOnly that offer a wide variety of choices to their customers. They are pioneers when it comes to selling top quality pearls online.

The longer your pearl necklace, the trendier you will look. Layers are coming back in fashion and you can match them up with clothing of your choice. If you want to create a lasting impression on your guests, then a pearl statement dress might just be the thing for you.

If you want to go for a bolder and versatile look, and then try wearing layered pearl necklaces with a leather jacket. The basic rule here is to keep it simple and at the same time carry off the look confidently.

The Right Accessories Can Make or Break Your Look

 When it comes to important occasions such as formal or social gatherings, looks do matter. Not only the dress, but the accessory also matters. You might want to complement your dress with the right colored pearl accessory.

If you are wearing V necks or boat necks, you can choose to go in for multi-layered pearl strands that fit snugly over your neck. If you are opting for high neckline or low plunge dresses, then you can choose princess necklaces.

Matinee necklaces are well suited for casual dresses. When worn, it gives you a professional and a sophisticated look. If you are aiming for a vintage look, you can choose opera necklaces that are long approximately 26 – 36 inches in length.

If you have a beautiful backless dress, then rope pearl necklaces would be a perfect choice for you. You can wear it long, double it up like a two-strand necklace or simply sling it over your shoulder.

Adorn Your Ears and Hands with Pearls

Why only invest in pearl necklaces, when you can accessorize your ears and hands as well. Some of the ways in which you can do that include:

  • A simple pearl drop earring can do wonders on your everyday wear
  • Pairing pearls with hoop rings that can be worn on denim
  • You can even pair pearls with gemstones
  • Black pearl earrings can be worn on a glamorous black party wear
  • Invest in some stylish ear jackets to give you a modern makeover
  • If you want to experiment with a unique style, you can even opt for double ball earrings
  • Ear stacks with pearl studs in between are a perfect choice if you have multiple holes
  • Clustered pearl earrings will make an excellent addition to any party wear

For your hands, you can invest in:

  • Stylish ring designs
  • For special occasions, you can opt for spiral pearl rings
  • A cuff pearl bracelet can make you look appealing
  • If you are going in for something classic, then you can opt for vintage pearl bracelets
  • You can even mix and match pearl rings with other rings of your choice

Stand Out from Your Peers with Pearls

Necklaces, bracelets, and rings are common accessories that can be worn to complement and complete your attire. If you are looking for something more unique and will make you the center of attraction of your peers, then you might want to think outside the box.

If you are a shoe lover, then you might want to look at shoes with pearl heels. You can choose from a variety of colors so that you have a pair to match every dress you own.

Winters are when most of your clothes come out and your pearls might get hidden with layers of clothing.  A quick turnaround for this would be to choose sweaters that are adorned and embellished with pearls. A most preferred choice is the scattered pearl sweaters that not only keep you cozy during the cool evenings but also bring out an elegant vibe about you.

Is your wedding just around the corner? Wedding dresses with necklines or cuffs made of pearls can make you look elegant and stylish. You can match these with a tiara made from pearls. A simple pearl clip or hair band can also complete bridal look. If you are planning for a more elegant look, then you can go for subtle buttons. These are be embellished onto your blouses, shirts, and coats.

If you are planning on impressing your date, then you can invest in off shoulder tops embellished in pearls, topped with dangling pearl earrings. Match this with a stylish clutch and you are all set to woo a persons’ heart.


Create your own fashion statement by experimenting with different size and colors of pearls. Carry off any look confidently and garner attention wherever you go.

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