Is it Safe to Remove Windows 10 Mark Permanently from Your Desktop


No one wants their hard work to be pirated for free, which holds true for even bigger corporations like Windows. Piracy has been a rampant problem for decades, costing companies thousands of dollars. Hence, it is understandable that companies try to come up with innovative ways to discourage piracy.

But, sometimes, these measures can backfire and cause problems even for those who purchase genuine products. The Activate Windows 10 Watermark is an excellent example of this.

While the watermark does not hamper your experience when using your desktop, it is annoying. Hence, trusted websites like computergarage.org provide guides on how you can remove it permanently.

What Is the Windows 10 Mark?

Many desktops and laptops run on pirated operating systems, which most businesses do not want. Windows, thus, came up with the idea of including a watermark in their operating system since the launch of Windows 10, which says, “Activate Windows 10.”

The watermarks do not get in the way, but it can be bothersome since it is on top of every window or application you open. While a watermark is not the most innovative method to stop piracy, it is annoying that those with a pirated version of windows look for ways to remove the watermark.

Users can easily remove this watermark by entering their product activation key. However, for those who are using a pirated version of Windows, you may need to follow a few additional steps to remove the watermark.

Can You Remove the Windows 10 Watermark Safely?

While small, the Windows 10 watermarks are persistent and present whenever you try to record your screen or try to watch a movie. It is annoying and embarrassing at times; hence, many people want to remove it as easily as possible.

When making any changes to your desktop, it is natural to feel apprehensive. While the windows ten watermark can be annoying, you do not want to crash your desktop to remove the small symbol. However, most methods that are provided online are safe. Now, you have a few simple ways to ensure that you do not have to deal with the watermark again!

When following any method, keep in mind that while this may remove the watermark from your desktop, it does not mean that your Windows 10 will be activated. Hence, if you are using a pirated version, you will face limitations such as not personalizing your PC.

One method to remove the watermark is to install a watermark removing software. While this is a safe method, make sure that you exercise caution, as with any software. Go through the software reviews to ensure that it is not malware and that it can provide the results it claims.

Altering your desktop in any way may seem scary, but when you want to remove the windows ten watermark, there are several safe methods you can use. Popular ways to remove the watermark include running a file as an administrator or installing a watermark remover, but there are several more that you can try out.

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