What to look for when choosing a plumber


Looking for the best fitting plumber can be a daunting task especially in a country where there are many plumbing companies. It requires you to have the knowledge of making the right choice. You need someone who is reliable and one who has the experience to help you with installation, routine management and during emergencies.

Following are some of the factors you should consider when hiring a plumbing company

Certificates and accreditations

Accreditations are so critical when it comes to choosing a plumber. It is the certificates that would tell you the work they are best qualified for. Plumbers must have the right certificates from the relevant government department. Again, the company you choose must be a member of the plumbers association. This will ensure that they do quality work and at no point will you be shortchanged.

Do they offer insurance coverage?

Working within a property comes with its challenges including getting hurt while on duty. Again, a plumber could cause damage to the property while on duty and therefore, the company must have the requisite insurance policies, which would cater to that. A company that is not insured cannot give you assurance and therefore hiring it would be taking a big risk.

24-hour work plan

Plumbing issues can arise at any time of the day or night and therefore you need someone who is on standby in case of an emergency. The company should provide the functional numbers of the engineers to call when in need. Confirm from the feedback section on their website how their response is to customer queries. Knowing their response time would play a major role in determining the plumbing company to hire.

Is the plumbing company a local or national?

You need a Brisbane Plumber, someone who is near you so that in case you have an issue with your system, whichever time of the day, they can run to your rescue. If you choose a company that is many miles away, would frustrate you when you need emergency services. Find out from your local plumbing companies, the one that offers good services. Again, local companies are more cost-effective compared to the national ones.

How about the company online reviews?

A reputable company must have an online presence through a blog or website. On this site, there is the feedback section where customers register their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with regard to the service rendered. Ignore a plumbing company which doesn’t have a website, they either have something to hide or they are inefficient. Positive reviews would tell that the company is worth hiring. Get a few contacts and call them to find out more about the company.

How are their rates

There are two things about rates. One, the company must be clear on the rates that they offer. This should be in the paper and clearly presented during the first meeting. Again, the rates must be affordable; this means that the company should not be too expensive. Choose a plumber who will give you quality at an affordable rate.

Just like other professionals, choosing a plumbing company requires patience. You must interview as many as possible and this gives you a wide range from where you can choose the most appropriate.

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