Essential Quilting Supplies for the Beginner


Have you been thinking about quilting, but don’t know where to begin? When you are getting started, there are some essential quilting supplies that you will need. After all, there are hundreds of gadgets out there that can be used during quilting, but you don’t have to have everything when you are beginning to learn. Outlined below are the quilting supplies you cannot do without when you decide to indulge in the exciting new hobby of making a quilt:

  • Scissors

It is a must to have nice quality scissors that are only used for fabric. If you use the scissor for household users and paper crafts, the blade will become dull and make it difficult for you to cut the fabric. Opt for a lightweight pair of scissors that fit in your hands comfortably. It is a good option to have embroidery scissors when you are working on small projects and handiwork.

  • Self-healing cutting mats

The simplified cutting techniques used today require you to have a cutting mat for protecting the surface you work on. The best part about self-healing cutting mats is that they can last for a long time. You can find them in a variety of sizes and colors. It is recommended that you invest in a large cutting mat so you don’t have to worry about damaging the table or counter where you work. Rotating cutting mats are also available if that’s what you are looking for.

  • Rotary cutters

There are choices abound when you are in search of rotary cutters. For general quilting, there are two common sizes available, which have 45mm and 60mm blades respectively. You can try out both sizes before you invest in one. Some quilters prefer to get the larger size because it makes cutting very easy. However, there are some who prefer to work with a smaller size as it is more comfortable for them. You can also find rotary cutters in mini sizes for cutting applique shapes.

  • Basic sewing machine

The sewing machines available today are loaded with decorative and time-saving features, but you require only basic stitches for quilting. You can select a reliable and quality sewing machine that suits your budget. The most important thing about a sewing machine is that you are able to sew a ¼’’ seam allowance accurately.

  • Thread and pins

You also need good quality thread and quilters should begin with 50 weight cotton thread for piecing fabric together. If you are making decorative stitches, other weight of threads can be used. Sturdy and sharp pins are also required and you can use a pin cushion for storing them easily. You can also get special pins for applique work.

  • Fabric

Last, yet the most important of the quilting supplies is the fabric you will use. You can have a lot of fun picking this out. Look for good quality in your favorite styles and colors. As you will invest a lot of time in quilting, you need to get good fabric for quilting.

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