The Best Ways to Purify Tap Water for Consumption


Water is the source of life. The main sources of drinking water on the earth are river water and borewell water – this water is what reaches your kitchen’s tap. Consuming it directly over a long time may not ideal as you will have to disinfect and purify the water to store and make it drinkable. As time is passing by, every country is falling short of drinking water. Making water potable for drinking is one of the best ways to overcome the water shortage issue. However, consuming water directly from your kitchen’s tap can be harmful as there are many impurities in the water.

If you want to purify tap water and make it fit for drinking purposes, this article can help you. We have discussed below a few of the best ways to purify tap water for consumption.

1.      Water Purifier

The main problem due to which you cannot consume tap water directly is the contaminants present in it. These contaminants can cause a lot of health problems. Water filtration is a practical way to deal with the drinking water crisis. A water purifier system is the best filtration system that makes sure that the water is free of contaminants. These systems remove all chemical contaminants and microorganisms to make the water suitable for drinking.

The purifiers make use of techniques like UV disinfection, reverse osmosis, and UF membranes to remove all the contaminants from water. You can also use a gravity water purifier system if you want a non-electric water purifier.

2.      Membrane Filtration

Membrane filtration involves allowing tap water to go through different layers of material. Passing water through these layers will help in reviving the solid impurities present in the water. Mineral absorbers can also be used to filter out the excessive minerals and chemicals. However, in this method, you need to use additional purification methods to kill pathogens. This technique is used in water purifier systems too.

3.       UV Sterilization

An alternative for disinfecting the water is through UV light. Ultraviolet light is known for its potential to kill microorganisms. Even if you adopt a membrane filtration method to remove all the solid particles from the water, there might be a lot of invisible pathogens in the water. UV light has the capability of sterilizing the pathogens present in tap water. It is a great method to kill the harmful bacteria.

4.      Chemical Treatment

Chlorine and iodine are the two chemicals used in the water treatment procedures. These chemicals are an excellent way to kill the pathogens present in the water. Iodine is more effective than chlorine. However, these methods are not ideal for long-time usage as these chemicals can have harmful effects on your body.

These are some of the best methods to purify tap water for drinking. The best method to purify tap water is by installing a water purifier. It is an ideal solution for making tap water drinkable. Though there are other methods to purify, they are not as efficient as a water purifier system. Install a water purifier if you are searching for methods to use tap water for drinking. It’s high time that you get rid of drinking hard, tasteless and impure water.

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