Modern Tools in the Plumbing World You Need to Try

C Style Copper Tubing Cutters

Copper tubing came from a variety of sizes which used to mean that you had to carry a different C style copper tubing cutter for every size. This is not anymore. There are now two C style copper tubing cutters that do what it used to take three tools to do together. They cut half an inch, three-quarter inch, and one inch. One model covers half an inch to three-quarters inch of copper tubing. This is an innovative quick change feature that lets you switch between sizes quickly and easily.Cutting through the copper tubing is made easy by snapping onto the copper tube and smoothly rotating the cutter. Edited slots allow you to advance the cutters in tight spaces with flathead screwdrivers. Do not fill your toolbox with extra tools you do not need. The rigid C style copper tubing cutters combine the power of three tools into two tools.

Strip Lock

Large diameter pipes can be hard to grip making some installations and service jobs a challenge for one person. Now, there is a solution. The pipe strip lock serves as an extra set of hands for the job. It can be applied to pipes as well as fittings and when the job is complex, you can use more than one to pull pipes together.Gluing larger diameter pipes requires speed and leverage to ensure that the joints do not set in the wrong position – remember, there are no do-overs. This strap handle gives you a huge advantage in leverage significantly.

Toilet Auger

You can count on the toilet auger for power, protection, and performance. Breakthrough the toughest toilet clogs manually or with its special drill powered operation. The toilet auger gives you 6 feet of heavy-duty try wrap cable to reach and clear blockages in and beyond the toilet. Its zinc plated steel tubing resists rust and corrosion. This toilet auger is ideal for use in toilets because, with its vinyl cable cover protection, it will not damage the porcelain. Use the first three feet of cable to clear the toilet, and if needed, an extra three feet allows you to drive the cable to clear blockages beyond the toilet. This is an ideal tool for plumber in Sydney.

Leak Valve Sensors

To add to the list, there are the leak valve sensors which are a patent-pending wireless and motorized brass valves that connect directly to your home’s main water supply to check for any leaks. Position the valve so that the arrow on the side points away from the water meter. Once installed, close the faucets and turn on the main water supply. Reattach the valve cover by sliding it over the motor housing with the front facing you. Plug it into the nearest electrical outlet. When the valve is open, it will display a steady green light, when closed, it will display a steady red light. These sensors are very helpful when you have them fixed to your main water supply at home.

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