I’m on a Boat! 5 Types of Boats You Need to Try


Setting off towards the blue can provide a great experience fitting for any person and any occasion. You can go for something intense like wake-boarding, or a relaxing cruise while enjoying the view. If you prefer diving, you also need a boat that can help you launch to the deep.

With that in mind, you have certain types of boats designed for specific hobbies and ventures. Today, we will look at each type and see which fits what hobby and venture. Read on and see what you like before raising your anchors and leaving the dock.

1. Bowrider Boats

These types of boats tend to have a characteristic V-shaped bottom. This allows passengers to enjoy a smooth ride across different types of water conditions. You also notice this V-shape on the seating arrangement which allows facing each other with ample space.

Bowriders stand out for their versatility as you can use them in a variety of ways. You can use them for something sporty such as wake-boarding. Or, you can also go for an easy ride for a good view. This is a good option for both beginners and veterans.

2. Fishing Boats

If you are the type that prefers to set the fishing line into the blue, this boat is for you. These boat types have fishers in mind, incorporating it into their design. Offshore fishing boats tend to be sturdier and taller than the freshwater variants.

Aside from its stability and durability, you have other features that help with fishing. These include a front bow space for casting reels, rod lockers, and much more. Think about the fish and environment you plan to go for when picking one.

3. Jet Boats

How about going with something speedy and nimble? Jet boats work well for an adrenaline rush akin to riding a motorcycle. With high maneuverability, you can go for quick turns and jumps using these power boats.

The water jet that shoots out of its propulsion system is what gives it its name. Interested in these types of boats? You can check out a few Scarab Jet Boats for sale here.

4. Sailboats

This variant can give you the classical feel of having the wind propel your boat into the vast ocean. It comes with variants in terms of hull design and purpose. But it has one thing in common: the sail.

Sailing cruisers work great for long distances, using its long sails to let the vessel cut through the water. Combined with automated winches and self-reefing sails, it also has an inboard engine to help with propulsion when the winds die down.

5. Houseboat

Putting a rest house on a boat sounds ludicrous at first. This is until you see its feasibility with this vessel. Designed to house a lot of recreational and holiday facilities, houseboats work great for a relaxed stay on the water.

Also called float houses, these vessels have a motorized propulsion system. By design, they work best when stationary.

Try These Types of Boats Out

There are also other types of boats that you can try out. But you can start with these ones, where you can pick your first one or your next new boat. Choose to your heart’s content and sail to the grand blue.

Of course, knowing the types of boats is only the beginning. To learn how to pick a boat and how to maintain it, continue reading our other guides today!

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