Is he the right guy you are trying to find?


In today’s world, anything can happen. Before dating an individual, you want to be sure that you go out with are on the up-and-up.

Now the question arises how can you be so sure that the person you are dating or thinking to meet is who they say they are?

What will happen if they actually have a criminal record or an arrest warrant against them and could be a bad news for you? Could they be only interested in you only for the purpose of scamming you?

Although it’s quite tough at times to get the exact news and history of the person you are dating, you need to go for online research which will help you in knowing him.

So how will you be sure that the guy you are dating is right for you?

Research and learn more

Before going out with a guy you need to make sure that you ask some questions either you came across online or in-person. Once you have their full name, you need to carry out a little online research.

You need to know if he has an arrest warrant against him or not whether it is only for a traffic ticket or much more serious.

Make the use of technology as a part of your search efforts.

  • Companies helping you search –

    There are many online companies available that help you to search for a family or friends. By doing a simple search on one of these online websites, you come to know about that individual. You might also discover that they live so close to you by entering as much info as possible about them in a search. The online research will help you to reunite again with an individual you might have been known.

  • Socializing the search –

    You might get lucky to find out the people missing in your life by making the use of social media. As we all know that social media has brought many people together after years apart. The best social media site of which we all are aware is Facebook. You just need to type the person’s name you are searching for. It is the world’s most popular social media site which will provide you the details about the individual although it can take some more time and effort. If you find them, you can send a friend request. If they accept your request then you are able to begin the process of renewing your ties with the individual and know more about them.

  • News websites –

    You may also carry your online research on a social website where they last lived. You might get lucky and discover whether they were in the news or not. Their name may show whether for a birth note or wedding, a promotion or even a vehicle accident.

Taking personal safety measures seriously

Before meeting or dating a guy with no legal issues or someone with an arrest warrant, you need to be serious about your safety.

Some safety practices are:
  • Always have your first meeting in a public or crowded place.
  • Make sure that you tell your family member or friends about where you are going and for how long you might be there with that guy.
  • Don’t disclose your personal information like your bank account details or any other pertinent financial details.
  • Be upfront about how the guy was and how the date went. If you feel that you are able to create interest for that person and want to meet him again then let them and your close ones know. If you feel the other way, then also let them know.

Always remember, you need to search thoroughly for that guy before taking a step forward.

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