How to Keep Your Ducted AC System Run Efficiently?


A ducted AC system helps to cool the entire home. It has a central unit for cooling the air then it gives out the air with the help of the ducts into your home. There is a reverse cycle ducted AC system also that is available in the market and if they are not put under regular professional maintenance, then they can increase the overall power consumption of your home. The main AC unit of this type of AC system is installed under the floor, in the ceiling, or outside depending upon the position of your home.

How to take care of a ducted AC Unit

A ducted AC system allows you to condition your entire home or a particular room of your choice to make it cool or warm the whole year-round. Major repairs and replacement of parts when they fall under the warranty period are necessary to keep the ducted air conditioner work for long. If you wish that your ducted AC lasts for a long period then you have to take care of it.

There Are Certain Tips That Will Help You In Ducted Air Conditioning Maintenance.

  • Call an expert technician once in a year –

If a skilled professional checks your ducted air conditioning maintenance once every year then they can find out if:

  1. Any repair is needed to prevent the chief breakdowns or difficulties
  2. There are any limitations to the premium competence and performance
  3. If there is any requirement to keep an eye on some parts of your older ducted AC system for future consideration
  4. When you find a steady inability of the air conditioner to cool your domestic or official space, then it is high time to go for maintenance of the same.
  • Repair as soon as possible –

If your AC system is facing any problem then you should service it immediately. For example, if any room is not cooling properly then there your system must have a fault. The moment you detect any issue with your ducted air conditioning maintenance you must immediately call an expert for servicing.

  • Cleaning and changing of filters –

While ducted air conditioning maintenance filters must be cleaned and changed twice every year with the best filters that have high effectiveness. Good filter helps to put off dust and debris from getting inside your home. So it is very important to keep the filters clean in a regular interval to keep your home environment clean. Since it is not possible to clean the filters by using DIY methods and tools, professional services can help better in this direction.

  • Check your system on regular intervals –

Ducted air conditioning maintenance is your responsibility. A regular maintenance of your ducted AC system will save a lot of your energy and help you with a reduced energy bill.

How to clean a ducted AC system with the help of a Professional?

None of us want to breathe unhealthy and dirty air. Especially asthmatic patients can respond to the allergens that are produced by the dirt in the ducts. The increased dust, debris, and dirt in the ducted AC system confine the effectiveness of the cooling and heating system. Apart from putting excessive pressure on the AC machine, it will increase its run time.

So ducted air conditioning maintenance is very essential to keep the AC machine run efficiently. As you clean your home on a regular basis similarly your ducted AC system needs regular servicing by an expert professional. In this way, you can fix any probable issues before they take the shape of a bigger issue. A ducted AC unit is very much useful and a valuable household item that is used throughout the year.

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