Beautiful home decor styled with Granite


Granite is a type of igneous rock that is granular in nature i.e. when we touch the surface of the granite it feels like granules also its crystals/granules are easily visible from the naked eye. The word granite has its origin from a Latin word ‘granum’ that literally means grains. Granite comes in different colors depending upon its origin i.e. how the mineral has its origin, under which circumstances and at which location. The colors of granite commonly seen are white, grey, pink, black and even brown also and as it is very hard and not easy to break so it is visible in approximately every house on floors or around the kitchen sinks, on the kitchen slabs or we can say kitchen counter tops.

There are many questions in the mind of purchaser before purchasing granite for their kitchen purposes but the granite supplier has something to say in order to clear purchasers doubt:

  • The first thing that attracts buyers is less cost price so if they feel that granite is hard to buy then it’s completely wrong as its affordable/cost effective.
  • People feel that when they apply granite on their kitchen countertops or even floors then it requires high-level maintenance but it’s not true. Granite does not need high-level maintenance as purchasers need to simply wipe the granite with a mild soap and mild cloth and there is no need to brush it.
  • As granite has its origin under a large amount and pressure in the earth’s atmosphere so it defies a large amount of heat may it be of a very hot pressure cooker or very hot water.
  • Also, no scratches on dragging on the surface of granite are seen also using knives while cutting and cooking on granite surface does not harm it as it’s the hardest rock and only diamond cutters /blades are hard enough to cut a piece of granite into two or more.

Granite selection:

Now when all the doubts are clear and the purchaser is ready to purchase granite supplier also helps purchasers how to select granite also where to apply them.

  • Granites are very elegant & prove to be good house flooring, i.e. black color granite proves to be a good border around a white color marble in the drawing room.
  • In addition, coffee brown granite with wooden cabinets look good, beige granite with reading cabinet also looks attractive.
  • However, merely choosing the color of granite is not important else, granite fabrication is equally important else, it will ruin the look of the granite.
What is granite fabrication?
  • Granite fabrication is something, which measures the dimension followed by:
  • Checking of any flaws in the granite may it be blemishes or something.
  • After that, it is split into 1/16 of an inch to provide it with reasonable thickness.
  • Giving shape to the granite may it be the curve or something else.
  • The last but not the least step is of polishing, washing, and drying of the granite after which it is ready to install.

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